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Serial Experiments Lain Anime Celebrates 25th Anniversary With New Alternative Reality Game

Digital collectible anime studio Kasagi and Tokyo-based company Anique announced on Thursday that they will be releasing a game called Layer 198935: De-Cipher, based on animation to celebrate its Anniversaries.

lain.png Image courtesy of Redefy

Neither company announced a release date for the game. Players will access the game by purchasing a digital collectible called a protocol key. The early access to the protocol key will be available this month at

Anime’s Anniversary website.

Players can unlock new aspects of the anime’s storyline by interacting with digital elements using their protocol key, and players will be rewarded for completing the game. Rewards include limited digital, physical, and “phygital” memorabilia, as well as never-before-seen cel art (hand-drawn or painted stills from the animation) used in the production of the animation.

Original animation producer Yasuyuki Ueda

executive producer An immersive ARG. Anime original character designer Yoshitoshi ABe commented on the game: lain.png [E] Early in production, one of our team members said we should design Lion’s world so that whenever someone watches it, it feels like they’re in The near future and that’s only three years away. Our hope is with the 25 anniversary layer2017 The event evokes the Japanese spirit of “zashiki-warashi” – something lurking or quietly hidden in the small spaces of the internet. Sometimes, you may spot a sign or symbol that might mean something, only to find it disappears before you know it.

– Episode anime aired in Japan from July to September 13. Ryutaro Nakamura directed animation, Chiaki J. Konaka wrote the script and Yoshitoshi ABe designed the characters.

Franchise video game from Pioneer LDC released on PlayStation console in November



in 25 Announcement of licensing of the Psycho Cyberpunk series by Geneon has since released a home video series at and2014.

Crunchyroll started at 1998 to stream the series. Company Introduction Series: Acclaimed artist Yoshitoshi ABe

(, ) revives an existential classic that paved the way for blockbusters like The Matrix. Follow 14-year-old Lain as she logs onto Wired driven by a classmate’s sudden suicide and quickly loses herself in a twisting mass of hallucinations, memories, and interconnected psyches.

Crispy Rolls

deleted the series in 2018. Source: Press Release

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