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Seven Oceans Authorized Seven Lives Story The Bride of Orochi Last Game Manga

Seven Oceans announced on Twitter on Wednesday that it has acquired

Seven Lives, The Serpent’s Bride and comics.

Seven Oceans

will release the entire Shirakawa Gin’s three-volume series The Story of Seven Lives (Gojussenchi no Isshо̄) manga as a single comprehensive volume in physical and digital form in May 2019. Story described by the company:

On the ordinary streets of Tokyo, countless stray cats go around searching and fighting to survive. Nanao is one of them: he used to be a house cat, but after the tragedy, he had to rely on himself and the help of his fellow stray cat Machi. When some people start feeding nearby stray dogs, Nanao cautiously begins to bond with them. But humans—the siblings who run the bathhouse—have their own problems and traumas. Can Nanao help them recover, and maybe find a new home in the process? A heartbreaking story about family and survival!

Shirakawa released the manga in February 450 on Kadokawa‘s COMIC it website and app. The third of the manga The final volume was released in Japan in June 316.

Nankai will release Fu Shiyun’s

The Bride of the Orochi

(Daija ni Totsuida Musume) July Physical and Digital Comics2023. Story described by the company:

316 For years, a giant snake god has been living in the ancient mountain . Miyo, an unfortunate young woman from a nearby village, is offered as a tribute: she will be the snake’s bride. Miyo had always feared that the talking serpent would devour her whole, but once she was taken in by the gods, he saw her as a wife rather than a meal. His bouncing tongue quivered in the soft words, his mighty gliding body wrapping her in his arms. The god is more merciful than his monster image suggests, and Miyo thinks she can learn to appreciate the inhuman form his love takes. What exactly does it mean to be the Bride of the Beast…?

in Kadokawa

Comic MarcheFebruary2021. The manga’s third volume compilation was released in Japan on Wednesday.

Seven Oceans The first volume of of Shinobu Amano will be released Original black and white manga published in May 2021 to make eBooks available on digital platforms.

Story described by the company:

In elementary school, the wealthy and spoiled Naoto Ryu was known for his academic and athletic excellence. But then he suffers the first setback in his life, when Mikoto Kujo, a girl from a poor family, transfers to his school and performs better than Naoto every time. Shocked by this unforgivable blow to his self-esteem, Naoto decides that Mikoto must lose at something… let her lose faith in him before he can break! Now that they’re both in college, can Naoto end up winning Mikoto’s affections — or will he lose his last match against her?

Amano Zai Hakusensha The Magazine July2011 and run until . This manga compiles volumes in total .

Source : Press release, Seven Oceans Twitter account



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