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Seven Seas Empowers Weddings 365 Days, Ghosts of Summer, and Bunny Hooked on Puppy Comics In All

365dayswedding©Tamiki Wakaki, Shogakukan, Seven Seas365daysweddingSeven Seas

announced Wednesday that it has acquired 315 Marriage day and In short, the bunny is obsessed with the puppy

comics, and comics and Light novel’s modern dungeon capture starts with broken skills



Seven Seas will release the first volume

Tamiki Wakaki of 315 A few days before the wedding (Kekkon Surutte, Hontō desu ka?: 315 Wedding Day ) Comics for November. Company Description Story:

Takuya and Rika are colleagues at a travel agency in Tokyo. They are both single, but they don’t mind as they are introverted and lead fulfilling lives at home. Unfortunately, now their job is to find employees for the Siberian office, and unmarried employees are the first to be considered. Eager to avoid transfer, Rika went to Takuya and thought about it: If they pretend to get married in a year, they can stay in Tokyo. The only problem is that the two of them barely know each other! If these two quiet colleagues “fake” a relationship, will it turn into the real thing?

Wakaki is at the Elementary School Hall of March Magazine 318. Manga Volume 9 will be shipped in January .

This manga was adapted for live action on October 7th.

moderndungeoncaptureln © Yuuki Kimikawa, cruelGZ, Sturkey, Overlap, Seven Seas Seven Seas will release the first volume

Yūki Kimikawa, cruelGZ, and Sturkey’s Modern dungeon capture starts with broken skills (Koware Skill de Hajimeru Gendai Dungeon Kо̄ryaku) Physical and digital manga for January365. The company will release physical and early digital versions of the light novel series in the same month. The company describes the story:
Everyone with a dead-end job wishes at some point for something to eat up their workplace… …and that’s exactly what happened to Ryosuke Mizuki. Monster-infested dungeons spread all over the world, but he was rescued from a collapsed office by a female swordsman and an elf. Along the way, Mizuki picks up an item that will allow him to impart a powerful skill to others – and before he knows it, Mizuki is popular himself!
This comic was published on Overlap debuted on the manga site 316. The third volume of the manga was released in Japan in July 2020. The light novel series also started on 316, the third volume will be released on May 5 Monthly shipments rabbitinfatuatedpuppy365dayswedding©Nie, overlapping, Nanami365daysweddingQihai

will release Nie Shi

) Anyway, bunny is obsessed with puppies (Nanse Usagi wa Koinu ni Muchuu) Man’s Love Comics available in both physical and digital formats in November. Company Introduction Manga:
Usagi Akira is a 25-year-old shy office worker who lives for two things: shoujo manga and being his When it’s time to log into his favorite MMO, Tail Earth. There, his avatar is a beautiful bunny girl, and he can join adventures with the charming wolf boy Gakuto. When Gakuto asked Akira if he would like to meet IRL for the Tail Earth fan convention, Akira said yes. Sparks fly between the two and even though neither is quite what the other expected, they quickly fall in love and decide to date! They don’t have much experience in relationships, but the gamers are eager to figure it out together.
Nie at Overlap Debut comics in LiQulle

Magazine In .

summerghostln365dayswedding©Otsuichi, londraw and Yoshi Inomi , Shueisha, Nanami Seven Seas will launch


lodraw and Yoshi Inomi’s manga as : The complete collection of comics will be available both physically and digitally in August. The company will release physical and digital versions of the light novel in the same month. The company described the story:
There is an urban legend that if fireworks are set off at an abandoned airport, the ghost of a young woman will appear . Three high school students are united by their shared desire to meet this ghost — each of them on the brink of death. What will happen when they come together on one fateful summer night, when the line between life and death becomes thinner?
Yoshi Inomi has launched a manga adaptation which will be launched in October , whose compilation will ship in November. The anime’s screenwriter (and famous novelist)


wrote an extended story , and it shipped that October.

There is an animated short in the series, released in Japan in November 2022. GKIDS

and Scream! Factory released the short on Blu-ray Disc and digital on November 1st. The company screened the trailer at Anime Expo

last July. Last year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival screened the short in June.

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