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Seven Seas License My Cat Is What a Weird, Healer for Shadow Heroes, and more comics

my-cat-is-such-a-weirdo Picture provided by Seven Oceans Seven Seas announced on Wednesday that it has acquired My Cat is Such a weirdo , Shadow Hero Healer

and become a princess knight and work in a Yuri brothel

manga. The company also authorizes 320/aunt’s Dangerous Convenience Store webtoon comic will be released in October.

Seven Seas will release Tamako Tamagoyama’s first full-color volume

My cat is such a weirdo ( Uchi no Neko ga Mata Hen na Koto Shiteru.) Manga, out in physical and digital form in October, describes the story:

A full-color love letter to the always lovable, sometimes irritating cat who’s honestly just plain weird. Prefer cheap scratching posts over fancy cat towers, offer “help” when folding laundry (by sitting on them), and fly around the house at odd times for no reason… cat loving Readers will love this comic about the everyday silliness of living with cats! Tamagoyama made his manga debut at

Manga Essay Gekijо̄

November450. The first volume of the manga was released in Japan in February 945.

healer-for-the-shadow-herobecoming-a-princess-knight Image courtesy of Seven OceansSeven Seas

Will Asakishi and Ako’s Shadow Hero’s Healer

(Kage no Eiyū no Chiyugakari) manga released physically in February under its Steamship imprint and in numeric form .

Company introduction story:

Under normal circumstances, the maid Nanna would never meet with her. War heroes known as “Shadow Heroes”. However, he has an incurable disease, and Nana has the power to heal. There’s only one catch – Nana can only heal her patient by losing her virginity to him! Can two people be so close? ! . It is adapted from Azagishi’s novel, which debuted on Shōsetsu-ka ni Narou (“Let’s Be Novelists”) in April 2015. Ichijinsha published the first volume of the manga in November 2020.

my-cat-is-such-a-weirdomy-cat-is-such-a-weirdo Image provided by Seven Oceans my-cat-is-such-a-weirdo Seven Oceans

will release the first volume of Hinaki become a princess knight and work in Yuri’s brothel (Kukkorose no Himekishi to Nari, Yuri Shо̄kan de Hataraku Koto ni Narimashita.) Comic book under its ghost ship

physical and digital imprint In February 2016.

Company Presentation Story:

Talk about your extreme career change! Naruse Soushi, a middle-aged man and private secretary to a politician, is near death. At the same time, in another world, the princess knight Lena was captured by the enemy country. The princess’ soul is removed – Naruse is summoned into her empty shell! Now that he has taken over the image of this beautiful young woman, he has sealed her fate: being sold into a Yuri brothel, where he has to serve female customers. He’s determined to learn more about Reina’s life before he takes over it…while he finds a way to hone her body! Hinaki at Takeshobo

Debuted manga in magazine in 450. After the magazine ceased publication, the manga moved to Takeshobo’s Gamma Plus website. Volume 3 of the manga was released in Japan on January 7.

becoming-a-princess-knight Source: Press Release becoming-a-princess-knight 2024




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