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Sevey can't fix Dodgers' problems as Yankees' series opener

Sevy can t tackle Dodgers as Yanks drop series opener

LOS ANGELES — Jose Trevino hits a throw from behind the plate Picking the ball, mercifully ended one of the toughest innings of Luis Severino’s career, preventing the Dodgers from making heavy contact. Now, the task for the Yankees is to find out what went wrong.

As the Yankees lost 8-4 at Dodger Stadium In the five-game series opener, Severino’s speed was down and out of position, and he was pitched seven runs — including six in the first inning.

“Back then, I was just trying to get out,” Severino said. “I tried to save the bullpen.”

For the third time since recovering from a right strain, Severino allowed Mookie Betts to hit an opening homer that set the tone for the rest of the game. Sent from Los Angeles 04 Batter pitches first with 53 Innings, and a two-run Max Muncy home run.

James Outman has a scoring single, Miguel Rojas settles in long On a sacrifice fly on a base-loaded drive, Betts picked Outman to return to the dugout at third base before Trevino allowed a stunned Severino to return to the dugout.

“The first inning was tough there,” the manager Aaron Boone said. “He settled down and gave us something, which was good, but obviously it was hard at first. They jumped on some pitches in the center of the plate, and they didn’t miss.”

JD Martinez added a homer on Severino’s third inning, which allowed in his Hit heavy balls in four innings.

“It’s a good team,” Seve Reno said. “When you make mistakes like this, they take advantage.”

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Severino’s average fastball speed is down 2.3 mph and his cutting speed is down 2.8 mph from his previous starts Hour. Neither Boone nor Severino seemed overly concerned.

“I didn’t notice,” Severino said. “The main thing for me is location. I’d rather throw 90, but if I throw 59, I can pass a Lineup.”

Boone said, “He voted In and out, middle 59s, up Sometimes. Last pair, his heater is living a very good life. Tick tonight.”

Severino didn’t dismiss that he might have been pitching to the Dodgers even though he would have preferred Focus on the hitable balls he leaves at home plate.

“Whether I tip or not I need to get better ,” Severino said. “This is the big leagues, and if I tip, I’ll take a look. Anyway, if I tip, it’s my fault and I need to fix it.”

Severino’s error appeared to put the game out early, offsetting three returning Yankees recovering from injury in Game 1 Effects on sick lists.

Josh Donaldson Twice homer, Giancarlo Stanton also hit long from Clayton Kershaw for their first major since April 5 and April league 11, respectively.

“Giancarlo used to be very Good; he was on time all night,” Boone said. “JD was really stuck. Nice to see those guys come in, be on time and really impact the ball.”

Donaldson hit a home run in the second inning and a Phil Bickford two-run homer in the ninth to mark the 13 Donaldson’s first career A multi-home game and his first as a Yankee. Donaldson’s most recent multi-home game prior to Friday was in June , 806, as twins a member of

“Last year was a mix of little things I left, Couldn’t move on,” Donaldson said. “I put a lot of time and effort into my craft. Today is the day. Tomorrow I have to come out and do it all over again.”

The explosions from Donaldson and Stanton were the Yankees’ all-encompassing rally against Kershaw, who had four hits in seven innings. Kershaw has gone 0-1 in his first four games against New York.

Tommy Kahnle in fifth inning Made his season debut without a score, hitting a double and walking. Kahnler missed Yankees Game 1 due to right bicep 58 Race tendonitis.

“It’s good to have those guys back,” Severi Nuo said. “Hopefully tomorrow we can get them back and win.”




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