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Sex Education: 28 Thoughts I Had Watching the First Episode of the Netflix Show’s Final Season

It’s a whole new school year (not to mention a new school) for the Sex Education gang in the show’s fourth and final season—and I, for one, was very eager to catch up with these sweet, weird, terrified, horny teens and see them make the bizarre transition to semi-adulthood. Below, find all my thoughts about the new season’s first episode.

  1. Do all school libraries in the UK look like Hogwarts?
  2. Did Maeve have bangs last season? I forget.
  3. Aw, Otis and Maeve are flirt-texting!
  4. I am not sure I needed to see Otis trimming his pubes, but I guess that’s very much within the territory of the show.
  5. “Many thanks, really nice breasts” is kind of an iconic sext response.
  6. LOL, I totally forgot Otis’s mom, Gillian Anderson, had a baby.
  7. I always thought the cabbage-leaves-on-the-boobs-for-mastitis thing was an old wives’ tale, but here it is, in living color.
  8. God, I love the weird little gingerbread cottage they live in.
  9. Ncuti Gatwa looking good as hell!
  10. Cal’s on T! We love to see it.
  11. Honestly, seeing a young trans person literally bouncing around their room because they’re so euphoric about their gender-affirming care is something I needed to see, so thanks, Sex Education.
  12. Hi, mean Ruby! Missed you, girl.
  13. Missed you too, sweet Aimee.
  14. Yoga and sound baths on offer? Can I go to this school?
  15. Otis is doing free sex therapy on campus again, which can’t possibly go well, even though there’s been a welcome vibe shift.
  16. People really do love to ask wheelchair users stupid stuff, huh?
  17. I can’t explain the joy I feel when I remember that math class (algebra, specifically) is no longer part of my life. Sucks to be you, teens!
  18. Hey, it’s Dan Levy as Maeve’s writing teacher!
  19. Is Adam going to…go work on a farm?
  20. I want Ruby’s monogrammed Cavendish water bottle.
  21. Ugh, these nice Cavendish kids have a “no gossip” rule? What’s even the point of high school?
  22. Oh, shit, there’s a rival student sex therapist—and she’s good at it! Maybe even…better than Otis?
  23. Oh, and this girl has thousands of followers? It’s over for lo-fi Otis, I fear.
  24. Oh, God, Otis accidentally broadcasts his dick pick to the whole school. Now it’s really over for him.
  25. Wait, he sent a…flaccid nude? Is that a thing?
  26. Watching Eric apply makeup is insanely soothing to me.
  27. Asking your parents what time you were born for astrological purposes really is such a unifying queer experience.
  28. Ooh, Maeve and Otis have phone sex! I guess once you’ve shown your dick to the whole school, there’s nothing left to worry about.


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