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'Sex' star Adam Demo explains pared-back characters in season 2

[This story includes the main episodes of the SEX/LIFEseason Tou 2.]

Second of sex/life This season brings to life the concept of two paths.

Netflix ‘s hit sees Billy ( Billie) Sarah Shahi) ran to Manhattan six months after Brad (Adam Demos) said she would focus strictly on her marriage Brad (Adam Demos) Penthouse. “Man, that’s not enough,” she said, as she left her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) at home in Connecticut with the kids.

Billie is in a new apartment when Season 2 begins She was in the city by herself, separated from Cooper. In flashbacks, viewers discover that while Brad clearly still has feelings for Billie, he sees her rejection of his proposal from season one as a sign to move on — and sleep with someone else.

Season 2 Episode 1 reveals that Brad will be Becoming a dad after a relationship with model Gigi (Wallis Day), his new focus is on creating a healthy home for his soon-to-be son, though he still loves Billy. This led to the show’s heroine trying to move on as well, which she did. She meets Majid (Darius Homayoun), and the two strike up an honest, loving relationship—which makes her feel like Brad and Cooper are really her past, and Majid is her future.

As Brad and Billie explored different paths, Demos played a smaller role this season, appearing in only a small portion of each episode. But at the end of the season, when Billie ended her relationship with Majid and Gigi left Brad, his presence got a boost. In the final minutes of the finale, Brad and Billie reunited – and they got married. In another shocking twist, the season ended with Billie telling Brad at the altar that she was pregnant with their child.

“When you read the script and know you’ve come full circle and they end up coming together, it’s not too bad,” Demos told The Hollywood Reporter.

In conversation with THR, Demos openly communicated with Real life partner Shahi working together [they went public with their relationship after the first season], a viral response to his character, the one thing Brad really wants in life (even more so than Billy And much more) and soul mate what happens next sex/life .

I’m a reunion sucker, so I’m here for this ending.

Sounds good. It’s certainly a fairy tale with a happy ending, isn’t it? Well, I guess it depends on which team you’re on.

Yeah, but it makes me a little sad because… maybe we won’t have a third season?

People smarter than me can control this stuff. If the ratings [exist] and demand it, I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to create more drama, confusion, and heartbreak for the next season. But yeah, we’ll see.

Fans don’t know what to expect from Brad and Billy after the first season. But I have to say, I didn’t expect him to be with someone who is now pregnant with his baby. What was your reaction when you saw it in the script?

They mentioned it’s been six months, so I think it feels like just because Brad did address his past All problems, he wants to settle down. He wants to start a new life and leave his wild side behind. He said so to Billie, but they always had issues with timing. So, I think when he put everything on the line and proposed to her, she said, “No,” he just needs to move on, because you can’t just sit there and wait forever. So, I get it. It’s really shocking that he’s having a baby, but I understand why he’s leaving. You really have to move on with your life at some point, even though it’s hard on his heart because he loves her more than anything.

Brad (Adam Demos) and Gigi (Wallis Day) and Billie ( Sarah Shahi ) . Presented by Netflix (L to R) Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly, Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 206 of Sex/Life.

There has been some chatter on social media about Brad’s reduced screen time this season, and as he moves on, Billie begins a new relationship with Majid. Are there any conversations this season about more exploring other storylines?

I think it’s more of a question for creators and writers to answer, just because those are genius minds that came up this thing. But I thought, maybe, for the Billie and Majid storyline to lead you to believe, maybe Brad can’t always be there. But yeah, I’m not so sure. If people really miss Brad, it’s a good thing to be missed. But I do understand that in order for these storylines to work, you have to let them take on a form and a life of their own. When you read the script and know you come full circle and they end up together, it’s not too bad to get through.

Any conversations or questions about it?

They crafted a second season, like, “This is what it’s like to go.” I always Saying that, there are a lot of people smarter than me who came up with these storylines and created the show; I certainly couldn’t. They’re like, “This is why it happened.” In order for the audience to follow Billie’s journey with Majid and her new experience, it makes sense; sometimes you can’t keep Brad there. But you do have to sprinkle it in, because in a sense, they are true love for each other. I think you have to let each character’s own journey have its own life for a while. I think that’s what they want to do.

Last season we saw that Billie sometimes wanted Brad more than he wanted her, but it seems like the roles are reversed this season Same. How does it feel to be reversed?

Since he’s been through everything, it’s nice to see him as a man of his word. Glad he finally evolved. It was really cool to play that because he wanted to move on, and he really wanted to start that family. He’s overcome his father’s issues and childhood trauma, and now he’s trying to create that life. But it’s a conflict of, “Well, that’s what I want, but I want to be with someone else. I want to be with my soul mate.” And then having to play the guilt of starting this family with someone, Knowing that your heart is elsewhere is a really cool challenge. I love how he’s evolved and how he’s taking on challenges in a different way and trying to do it so the audience feels it too.

Billie and Brad sometimes try to be friends this season. Why doesn’t this work for them?

They love each other so much. They just aren’t friends. They will never be friends with each other. I don’t think this is possible. I think it might be a story they tell themselves just so they can get closer to each other again. It’s just an excuse. There’s no denying their love for each other. So I think only friends will never work for those people.

(L to R) Adam Demos as Brad Simon, Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly in Sex/Life.(L to R) Wallis Day as Gigi, Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 203 of Sex/Life.

Brad (demo) and Billie (Shahi). by Sabrina Lantos/Netflix Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 202 of Sex/Life.(L to R) Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly, Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 206 of Sex/Life.

Billie embarks on this journey throughout season 2 where she learns that she can be happy alone and doesn’t need to be with others . What was it like to see her evolve, too?

I think it’s good that Billie can be a role model for a lot of people. Seeing someone bravely question in season one , can she have it all? I think a lot of people would like to know for themselves. And then in season two, saying, “I’m going to find comfort and confidence in myself.” I think Billie is a great character; it shows a lot of courage.

Brad has been through a similar journey, he lost his company and at one point it was the most important thing to him, he Lost a little Billy. But above all else, he wanted to be a father. How is the result?

That’s fine because the company is a symbol of safety and success, and that’s how he protects himself. He built that, and it was his sense of self-worth. So losing it and realizing it’s not actually [everything], now he just wants to be a dad and be present. He had a lot of issues with his own dad growing up, but it turns out all he wanted was a chance to be a dad himself.

There’s a scene where we’re in the park and he says to her, “As it turns out, that’s what I meant.” Come play with a sense of calm, just knowing he doesn’t worry about anything else. When he says it, he means it. That’s what he does. In a way, the rest is just a mask. This is escapism. So, I really liked that scene. The goal is to come across as very grounded and calm, so you believe that’s his dream come true now.

He even said, “I’m going to start another company someday.”

Yes, it’s just the company. It’s just work. It’s just money. It’s just business. But, that’s life. I set out to help shape and shape the life that is real. I hear a lot of people who have kids, and it’s like, once they have kids, everything else doesn’t seem to matter that much, everything else you used to value so much. So I think it’s a big deal for him as well.

In the last episode, when Billie asks Brad about Gigi, he tells her she’s with someone else who has company. What do you think this means?

I take it to mean that losing the company illuminates a lot of things in his life like what really matters to him What, what kind of people around him and why. I think it goes back to his love for Billie, who always keeps him out of it all. She understands him. She understood the scared little boy inside him. She doesn’t care about the company. She cares about him. And, I think, when he’s successful, he doesn’t see that the people around him are for the success or for him. So this is what I think is beautiful. She just loves him because of him. So that’s why he was so sure about committing to her. She is the only one. Ups and downs, she will always be there.


Billy and Brad. Depend on Sabrina Lantos/Netflix presents (L to R) Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly, Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 206 of Sex/Life.Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 202 of Sex/Life.

How would you describe the filming of this season differently from the first?

New characters, new plot. It’s not the same as playing a character’s emotional arc. They go further in their journey. That’s basically it. Also, Toronto is open. So, that’s different. We were back in Toronto for our first show), so it was cool to experience that city. This might be my favorite place in the world. It’s really cool to go work there again and see everyone talking about it, it’s just the vibration itself. The first season was the four of us — Mike [Vogel, who plays Cooper], Margaret [Odette, who plays Sasha], Sarah and me, and that was our little thing. And then expanding the world and having all these new character actors, it’s cool to have some new energy.

Season 2 seems to have less nudity than previous seasons. Was this something discussed in advance?

I haven’t discussed it personally. I don’t have to do much this year, I think because of Brad’s storyline. So, I don’t know if there is less. Personally, though, I know less because he’s not with Billie. Maybe with other actors. So it’s hard for me to answer, but I’ve had to do almost nothing this season.

You’ve talked about your full frontal scene in season one and after, can you talk about how you felt?

It kind of got its own viral moment. It’s funny because I don’t think the deal is going to be as crazy as it is and then all this speculation. So, it’s been a wild ride. But I think by now everyone knows it’s a prosthetic. It’s been a long time, but I think in the beginning, it was more about intrigue and fun. It absolutely blew my mind, but it’s part of the show. so interesting.

Looking back now, I can see why there was such a reaction. It’s part of the storyline. This is a shocking moment. But at that point, you don’t think [it will]. When we were filming, I didn’t even think TikTok was a thing. These days, apps like this reinforce those viral moments.

Although Brad hasn’t had much nudity this season, that experience Did anything make you more comfortable with the idea of ​​nude shoots?

Yes, because of the fact in our show, they create such a very safe set. We have an amazing closeness coordinator, Casey [Hudecki]. They are so important. They’re the people you go to when you’re worried, [to talk about] what you do and don’t want to do. You are not forced to do anything. It will still be awkward and uncomfortable doing those things, but it’s safe and that’s the most important thing. These sex scenes are choreographed to make everyone feel comfortable. No one is doing something they don’t feel comfortable with. I think the main thing is we are lucky that they have created a very safe working environment. If there’s anything anyone doesn’t want to do, you don’t do it. So it’s easier in the sense that you’re used to it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still taking off your clothes and pretending to do it in front of the staff. Not fun, but safety first.

Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 202 of Sex/Life. as Brad’s demo in Season 2. Depend on Sabrina Lantos/Netflix presents Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 202 of Sex/Life.

My next question is actually about working with an Intimacy Coordinator. You beat me to it.

They are the place to go. your safe space. Her care and consideration for us made us feel at ease and not stressed at all. I don’t know how sets didn’t have an affinity coordinator before. It’s a very important part of our program and makes us all feel comfortable. Because the end goal is to make it look real, but in order to do that, you have to feel safe. What’s incredible about Netflix is ​​the deal and stuff they made with us for this.

SEX/LIFE Season 1 blew up on streamer. So to speak, how do you deal with the attention and fans that come with being an overnight success?

Weird since I’m in Atlanta where it’s still in lockdown so I haven’t really seen it in a long time anyone. You notice that the show is doing well because we get numbers and stuff sent by our producers and so on, but I haven’t noticed anything in terms of human interaction for a while because no one is allowed near each other, basically superior. But when I came back to Australia, there was nothing crazy, it was just that people were very supportive and I was always welcome. It’s nice to feel that people resonate so much and love the show so much.

Having read the script, I had such high expectations, and then filming it felt really special. But you don’t know what the audience is going to be affected by. You have the best of intentions, but it’s out of your control. So, the fact that we had such a great experience — it was such a special show for me personally — and it really resonated with a lot of people, it’s a win-win. It’s a dream come true because I’ve heard some stories and you can feel it, but it’s not happening in the masses. This is lucky.

You and star Sarah Shahi have been open about your real-life relationship since season one ended. How did that affect the way the two of you performed on set?

It didn’t affect the way we performed because the thing is, we met as actors. So, we’re very aware that this is our job, and we have work to do. So home is home and once you start you are professional and do your job. Lines won’t be as blurry. We’re all there to do a job and make sure we do it well. If anything, I found it easy to act with her because of course there was chemistry there. It feels effortless at times. In certain scenes, when I watched her distraught, it was easy to feel heartbroken because I knew her as a person. But at the end of the day, we met as actors. We care too much about rewarding the people who put their trust in us with these characters. But it does feel a little easier because we already have that connection.

People saw this chemistry on screen before you even made your relationship public.

The translation is really good. I remember being on set and thinking, “Oh wow, this feels funny. This feels electric. I wonder how that translates, but there’s something about working with her.” cool. Really good.

1235324363 Demos and Shahi from Season 2. Netflix offers

Adam Demos as Brad Simon in episode 202 of Sex/Life.

Season 2 sort of wraps up all the storylines pretty well, but what do you think happens next for Billie and Brad?

They do tie a pretty little bow, no ? It’s almost like they went and bought a white picket fence and I guess they lived happily ever after. But I’ll go back to what I said earlier. Netflix, Stacy [Rukeyser] and all of our writers, they’re all very creative. So if there’s demand, I’m sure they’ll come up with something we haven’t thought of. I don’t know…maybe Billie wakes up and Season 2 is all a dream, who knows?

Oh no. That would be heartbreaking.

I thought it was a cool ending. Maybe they moved into Cooper and Billie’s old house. (laughing.)

How many seasons of this show do you want to do with Sarah ?

I will always work with her, forever. Obviously, I love her as a person, as a person. She is my partner. But as an actress, I think she’s incredible. She made me a better actor. She really raised the bar. So, whenever I have the opportunity to be in a scene and learn from her, I take that opportunity every day, forever. When it comes to these characters, if the audience wants it and the storyline makes sense, I’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t, because I hate that the audience doesn’t care about Brad and Billy anymore. But as long as they care, and the writers can come up with cool storylines, I’m willing to keep doing it. That role was a dream for me, so the more it is for me now, the better.

Interview edited for clarity.

SEX/LIFE Season 2 Now on Netflix play.



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