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SF1OG Berlin Fall 2024

Nostalgia was at the heart of new label SF1OG’s show at Berlin Fashion Week, titled Back to School. Fittingly, it took place in the sports hall of a high school, in Berlin’s Wedding district. Here, a young-looking cast of models walked through an arrangement of school desks and a chalkboard, while brash rock hits from the peak of high school movies blared loudly in the background. But it wasn’t just the location and the music that reflected this school spirit: the entire collection was inspired by the formative years of “my school generation, not just my own memories,” said designer Rosa Marga Dahl. “You can also see how the clothes were inspired by the series “Skins” and the movie “Sonnenallee,” she added.

Large oversized blazers and jackets, striped polo shirts, casual trousers and large hoodies were the emphasis of the collection. While most of the shows at this year’s Fashion Week focussed on women’s clothing, these pieces resembled a typical menswear lineup. Oversized cuts, checked pieces and large boots were stacked using the layering technique to create extraordinary school looks. Accessories such as ties, bike helmets, newspaper hats and school satchels clearly emphasize the school character. SF1OG takes references from the past to tell a unique and detailed story about its products. The fascination for materials and special cuts is at the core of the brand. “As always, we used very old fabrics, such as hand-woven linen fabrics from 1910 or Italian, super sustainable denim. The ‘old’ also comes to the fore through historical cuts and school uniforms,” said Jacob Langemeyer, the brand’s manager. A third of the collection was made from new, sustainable materials, a third deadstock and a third upcycled. Whether it was due to the impressive, sustainable designs, the catchy music (by Blink-182, Crazy Town, Wheatus and others) or the rekindled memories from school days, SF1OG received a standing ovation at the end of the show, and deservedly so.



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