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SF1OG Berlin Spring 2024

Among the new brands that emerge every year in the Berlin fashion industry, SF1OG is always one of the most worthwhile brands.

Among all the young brands in Berlin fashion, SF1OG is always the most worth seeing. Rosa Marga Dahl is known for her style combining two of her biggest sources of inspiration: the past and sustainability, in a very contemporary way. Not only does she use deadstock in her studio, small blemishes and blemishes in old fabrics come into focus here too.

The new collection borrowed from the world of equestrian sports, but muddy riding boots and leather whips didn’t detract from the lightness of her vintage lace, pale bra and baggy shorts on the runway. Not quite for riding, but quite ideal for the show’s low-rise silhouette. It was the label’s strongest appearance to date, less about live piano than about the impressive authenticity of the SF1OG formula. Ingenuity – sustainability, design and communication.



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