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Shadow House Season 2 – Episode 8

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Like this episode, a mystery makes It’s not uncommon for my eyes to shine. Of all the people I suspect of being a robe master, Mary Rose is definitely not on my list, although perhaps she should have been featured prominently in the end credits theme, and she’s a peer of Barbara’s. This means that Mary Rose has been watching Barbara being abused because of her Soot ability from the moment Barbara developed her Soot ability, and she has seen how Barbara and Barbie have changed since Christopher left. Symbolically, her associated flora is another clue to her motives as a robe master: she wears a purple rose, meaning “first love,” and her name is rosemary, as a flowering herb, meaning both “” love”, which also means “remembering”. So if she decides to do it herself, she’s likely driven by her love for Barbara (whatever you like to mean) and her memories, including those that happened to her peers and her transformation, Shadow. The pupal stage of the family.

A more self-aware shadow idea is to put the whole being in the shadows and their way of life at risk. The system works because the shadows are able to reinforce the myth of the “living doll”, which we’ve seen Louise embrace wholeheartedly. Facts On, Kate’s statement early in season 1 that Emilico needs to eat should have us wondering from the beginning how she realized it, because in hindsight, it really sets her apart from her peers It’s believable that Benjamin knows because he’s so into bodybuilding and strength training and he can deduce from there that Ben needs to be taken care of, but no one else has that awareness until someone tells them to pay attention. So Kate’s words to Emilico are absolutely Heralding Mary Rose revealed this week that Kate remembers she was a mutant and was fully aware that Emilico had been kidnapped and turned into a “doll”. This also explains why she gave her her own unique name; even Shaw Eun is right, and the shadows took their doll’s original name, Kate knows that Emilico is an entity completely separate from herself, and will therefore give her her own name, giving her a small part of her identity. (More Once, if Sarah hid her memory of the shapeshifting hood from the others, this still allowed Sarah to name her Mia.)

While Patrick doesn’t explicitly remember transforming into Ricky, he may have some suppressed or latent memories of this fact as he definitely thinks Kate and Emilico are separate People, some think others admit it unconsciously. (Or not at all.) This raises the question of how many mutants have their memories taken from them, and whether Grandfather Lord just did it Hypothetical, or if this is a way for him to weed out shadow children who don’t know.t meet his adult standards. Barbara appears to be kept in the children’s wing to take advantage of her soot volume, but Mary Rose may have been left on purpose on purpose Her plans are implemented there…or Lord Grandfather is waiting until she slips and he can get rid of her.

Maryrose is apparently playing her cards very close to the vest, which does have its pitfalls. She doesn’t seem to take into account that Kate does trust her peers and that she puts all The ducks won’t reveal anything at all until they line up. We’ve seen Kate struggling to figure out who to tell, and while the whole metamorphosis thing is a surprise, it’s also the biggest of all she’s come up with Pen. Until she’s sure, she won’t Say anything, and that seems to be John’s understanding of her. Louise is the one most likely to take it, but Patrick may feel a little relieved knowing he likes Emilico and not Kate. It remains to be seen whether Maryrose is just trying to cheer up from Kate or really believes her mean words will pull the stakes between them and test them, but now that the variants are out of the bag, something has to be dropped. Score:

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