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Shadows House Season 2 – Episodes 11-12

How do you rate episodes of
Shadow House (TV 2)?

Community Score: 4.6

How do you rate Episode of Shadows House (TV 2) ?


Community Rating: 4.6

I was told that St. Anthony is something lost by the Patronus . And mine, isn’t there a lot to lose within the walls of , as far as Kate and Emilico know, starting with Shirley and Rum and ending with one of the beauties, leaving a single twin as a shadow on the faces of the two. But the biggest reveal in the final two episodes of the season wasn’t the number of Christopher in Lost, as we know it, but Anthony, his living doll, wasn’t. Or rather, he has lost to those who would hurt him and pay for his plans to incite his children to rebel. Only Mary Rose knew he had survived Christopher’s suicide, and she and Rosemary had been hiding him ever since…until he decided to reveal himself to Kate and Emilico, a couple he thought was his next best hope .

Although Episode 10 did its best to deceive us into believing that Mary Rose was The real mastermind behind it, episode 12 lets us know the truth – Anthony is the one who executes the plan to end the oppressive system ruled by his grandfather. And I think if he can do it without any shading involved, he will. He must have been shaken by Christopher’s death and knew that Mary Rose was his best hope for survival in the aftermath, but when he told Kate he was alone, there was an anger in his words that showed his indignation at what he had done, And other “dolls”. He and Christopher may be as real a team as Kate and Emilico, but the betrayal he feels from all the shadows has to be huge. When he talks about how Maryrose and Rosemary threw themselves out the window, he didn’t see them go their way (I think how many viewers did), but they gave up. They’re over, which means Anthony has to find new allies,

stronger Those ones. If he’s angry with Mary Rose and Rosemary, does that mean he has the same resentment toward Christopher? Christopher may have committed suicide to save Anthony and prevent his body from being taken over, but that seems like a gift Anthony doesn’t want or appreciate. Even if we leave him a traumatic pass, there’s a good chance he feels abandoned by his shadow. As such, Kate and Emilico are particularly attractive to him because they’re good at playing the game (or at least Kate is) and less likely to succumb to despair. If they agreed to help him, they could easily be involved in the long term.

This seems to be what Kate is really thinking about. She navigates around Barbara with ease, and her strong belief in Emilico — and the return of some of the girl’s memories — helps Emilico continue to stand up for what she believes is right. Barbie can kick her as much as she wants; Emilico won’t just lie there and take it. She and Kate are both fighters, and maybe that’s what Anthony has been waiting for, slipping through the cracks in the structure of the house like borrowers. If Christopher survived, would he and Christopher be more like Kate and Emilico? Would Barbara and Barbie have had a different outcome if Barbie’s face wasn’t scarred, thus barring the two from growing up? It’s impossible to know, but it’s clear that someone has to break the mirror so everyone can see what’s really happening.

Anthony has a plan, but he doesn’t seem to like sharing it. Kate has a goal, and Emilico is by her side. Barbara is broken, Barbie is holding her, and no one knows if Mary Rose and Rosemary survived the fall. It’s good that the manga is finally published in English, because without a next season, it’s a hellish ending. The gates may be closing now, but until the glass shatters, the dolls will continue to be trapped in a fairy tale with no happy ending – despite the Patronus.


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