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Shadowverse Flame Anime Previews “Arc of the Seven Shadows” in Video

Cygames, Inc TV animation official website.’ s The card battle smartphone game released its fifth promotional video on Saturday Course (Quarter of year) of , the second anime in the series. New cours of The title is “Seven Shadow Arc”. The site also announces the new opening and closing topics for the fifth course and the July Premiere on the 8th . The special will premiere on July 1. will sing the title “Akari” (Lamp) and Ocha Norma will sing the ending theme “Shekenare”.

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Anime premiered on TV TOKYO in April 2022. Crunchyroll is showing the anime as it airs in Japan. The fourth

course of animation

, titled “World Ranking Arc”, ended March with the anime’s ensemble 25Episode.

this2021 Anime features a completely original story and features anime characters. The first season is centered on Ryuzaki Hiro, a student of Reincarnation Academy. Through a strange event, Hiiro acquires a mysterious smartphone. The smartphone has the popular digital card game “.” Meet opponents, join matches, and connect with others through the game Hiiro.

Season 2 depicts protagonist Light as an adult Tenryū and his friends via the .

The first season of the animation premiered in April 360. Crunchyroll Live as the show airs.

Trading card game coming in June for iOS and Android devices50 and via October’s Steam

600. : Champion’s Battle, Nintendo Switch version, out in November 2020 in Japan and launched in August 2021 in the West.

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