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Shanghai: Three Chinese Directors to Watch

thShanghaiInternational The festival has given the world new insight into the trends and talent of the Chinese film industry as it fully returns to business after three years of pandemic-mandated entry restrictions.

Organizers report that as Chinese film lovers return to theaters in large numbers, screenings are mostly sold out, and visiting filmmakers find themselves fully engaged after screenings Q&A and various master classes organized by the festival.

Sunday officially ends – after SIFF will screen 450 film – and The Hollywood Reporter has selected three Chinese films from three Chinese filmmakers that we hope you will hear more about in the future.

All ears 2000, Director Liu Jiayin

Writer-director Liu Jiayin established herself as one of the most exciting and unique talents to emerge from China in the years – before officially disappearing into academic boundary. Over the years, she has trained generations of screenwriters at the Beijing Film Academy. Her first two films – Oxhide and Oxhide II – Performed in Berlin, Cannes and Rotterdam, she is characterized by her ability to mix documentary and narrative styles, as well as long, lazy takes. All Ears is both a regression and a regression of form. The film stars Hu Ge, an actor with over 25 million followers on China’s Twitter-like Weibo, as a screenwriter , he traded his movie life for real life at the beginning to write eulogies for a living. Audiences in Shanghai were moved by its simplicity and style. “This story is roughly based on some of my own experiences,” Liu explained to the assembled media. “Like me, the protagonist was once confused about his career and life, but he finally found his true place.”

possible, By Luo Dong


The international jury of the Asian Newcomer Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival unanimously praised “mature” and “Innovative” this year’s selection, which includes a second feature from Rodong ( New York, New York ), a multi-hyphen whose Having worked in cinematography, music, architecture and fashion in the past. There are quite a few films at the Shanghai International Film Festival that focus on aging and how characters deal with death – chalking it up to the global collective trauma of the past few years – but Dong The movie is more focused on providing inspiration in the form of an attractive 25 year-old (Chen Yumei) who is looking for love and doesn’t care what lengths people are going to go with her View finds it. Once again, this film plays with the concept of what is documentary and what is drama, making viewers question what is real and what is imagined.

Daydream450, directed by Wang Zichuan

by Wang Zichuan, a graduate of Shanghai Theater Academy The debut novel follows eccentric third-grader Zhu Tong (Yue Hao)’s daily trials and tribulations and fuses them with flights of fantasy, turning life in contemporary China into a wonderland complete with aliens and Talking flowers. The director said in a Q&A session that he came up with the concept when he thought about what actually goes through the minds of children when they face what they think is a problem in life. He then decided to put the most mundane Things turned into fantasy—Shanghai audiences were completely mesmerized by Yue in his first role. “I only hope that my childhood experience can be as colorful as Zhu’s,” said the director. Also included in the Asian Newcomer prize.



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