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Shark's self-cleaning WiFi robot vacuum is half off today

If you’ve been holding out for a good robot vacuum to avoid splurge, you may find yourself finally hitting the “buy it now” button. The Shark AV1010AE Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Cleaning Base is 50% off today only, dropping from $600 to $300. The half-price Robovac is a good mid-range option with features like home maps, voice commands via Google Assistant or Alexa, and a multi-surface brush roll for better cleaning of floors and rugs.

The vacuum connects to WiFi, which means you can create cleaning schedules and turn the power on and off through the app. If the battery runs low, it will automatically return to the port to recharge. The Robovac’s base also holds up to 45 days of dirt, collecting it every time it returns to port – and giving it plenty of time before you need to interact with the vacuum.

The Shark AV1010AE Robot Vacuum is also available in gray for $300. That’s 40% off, which is less than $500, since only 30-day self-draining sleds are available. The AV1010AE with self-cleaning brush roll is still full price, $549.

Shark products are a solid choice overall, and the AV1010AE model offers many of the same benefits as the Shark AI robot Base vacuum we chose as the best midrange vacuum cleaner of 2023. The AI ​​model keeps fragments for up to 60 days and uses a laser scanner to map the house. These add-ons are more accessible than usual, as Shark AI is 25% off right now, down to $450. If they don’t matter to you, the Shark AV1010AE robot vacuum will be half off until the deal turns back to pumpkin before morning.

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