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Shay Mitchell and her new redhead at Milan Fashion Week

Last week, right at Shay Mitchell At Fashion Week before flying to Milan, she decided to do something dramatic: dye her signature dark raven mane the red of her kitchen sink with the help of hairstylist Jesus Guerrero. “Thank you to the one and only @jesushair for supporting my last-minute desire to dye my hair after a long day of filming,” You star with her dye Snapshot of job processing.

Photo: Getty Images

Mitchell Debuts Her New Crimson Shade on The Fendi Show, Her Length Twists A slender and plump updo in equal parts, reminiscent of ’05 supermodel. She then went on to wear cool Cherry Coke — a lower-maintenance alternative to the sour copper that hit the market in due time last year — in a range of styles, including a polished half-bun and a sleek blowout paired with Smoky eyes sitting in the front row of Versace.

With her new fiery length, Mitchell made her mark this week – no doubt furthering the chocolate-cherry hair color trend that flourished in her youth it.



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