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'Shazam! 'Wrath of the Gods' Soundtrack's China Release Date Continues Beijing's Reopening to Hollywood (Exclusive)

Shazam by

Warner Bros. Discovery! Wrath of the Gods

has a release date locked in China, informed sources told The Hollywood Reporter. The DC superhero sequel will be released domestically in March , and North America latest news from . A formal announcement from the regulator is expected soon.

Shazam!’‘s release license continues China’s recent reopening of Hollywood imports, following Beijing’s decision last month to cancel its Two-year ban on the release of Marvel movies. Disney Black Panther 2 approved for release in China on Feb 7, followed by Ant-Man 3 Feb. Warner’s last DC superhero, Black Adam (2022), despite being very popular in China, never Not released in China stars Dwayne Johnson.

First Shazam! Movie featuring Zachary Levi made $43.$8 million China in 243 global total.

Sequel follows Billy Batson and his foster kids, who are still figuring out how to balance their teens with their superhero alter ego. balance between. When the Daughters of Atlas – a vengeful trio of ancient gods – arrive on Earth, the children are forced to fight for their superpowers, their lives and the fate of their world, Warner Bros. Discovery Channel reports. and fight. Shazam! 2 stars series newcomers Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu and Rachel Ziegler as the goddesses Hespera, Calypso and Antaeus, respectively.

China’s box office has begun to achieve what it was known for before the pandemic Some huge income. James Cameron’s Avatar: Way of Water , the first Hollywood blockbuster to open in the country in months, will be released later 2023 . The movie grossed 43 million dollars in China – a huge box office take but less than Fewer people were initially expected due to fewer people showing up in the first few weeks of release due to the massive COVID wave sweeping through China as the country exited its COVID-zero policy. However, in the first few weeks of , Chinese moviegoers put aside health concerns and returned to theaters en masse during the Lunar New Year holiday. Zhang Yimou’s Man Jianghong and the sci-fi sequel The Wandering Earth 2 are the two major holiday releases in China that made $430 million and $530 million, respectively. 2022



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