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'She-Hulk' actor Jon Bass talks twisty season finale, becoming MCU villain

[This story contains She-Hulk Spoilers for the Season 1 finale: Lawyer.]

Season finale at 中 She-Hulk: Lawyer, misogynistic billionaire Todd Phelps( Jon Bass) is revealed as the real villain in the story.

He is the creator behind HulkKing — Intelligencia, an online community of disenfranchised men and internet trolls who hate Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany), or She-Hulk. Out of contempt for women in power, Intelligencia wants to publicly slander Jen, but more importantly, they want to steal her blood to take her Hulk powers.

After the show ended, Bass applauded the chief writer Jessica Gao Learn how storylines lead to action and comedy, while also addressing issues like misogyny and sexism.

on the nose, not hitting your head with it,” Bass told The Hollywood Reporter “But, it also makes sense. It’s a very difficult thing to get the right cross-section. But when you have a smart guy like Kojessica at the helm, he not only understandsMarvel — and writing, absurdity degree — but also understand human nature and comedy, and you’ll get a great show out of it.

And Bass’ character Todd almost succeeded in his plan. Right after injecting himself with Jen’s blood and “swaggering”, She-Hulk Paused the story – literally.


FUTURE Marvel The fourth wall of the Cinematic Universe , considering the She-Hulk’s habit of chatting with the audience, and the upcoming MCU The infamous fourth Wallbreaker Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) debuts. What happened in the final episode is beyond any fourth Wallbreaker in Marvel history, Because Jane Waltz entered the She-Hulk writer’s room and asked to talk to “Kevin”. Marvel fans can only assume she’s talking about Marvel gimmicks

Kevin Feige . But in She-Hulk , Kevin is actually KEVIN, an AI robot that controls the MCU storyline.

“My mind really melted when I saw the last episode,” Bass recalled reading the script for the finale for the first time. “I was screaming, reading the script, because you went from ‘Oh my God, I became the Hulk! ‘ “Oh my god, she’s talking to an artificial intelligence, Kevin, and taking my Hulk powers away.” That’s wild.

He added, “In this we have lived almost years, as if we’ve gotten to the point where metadata becomes metadata, we can have have fun. “

Bass says he’s still dealing with the shock of being the Hulk – even if only for a short time.

“The fact that I was knocked out was not really in my mind, and it was real,” the actor said. “It feels like I’m in a daydream version of life…kind of crazy The truth is, as a kid, you were pretending, and then all of a sudden, you 36 while you are watching yourself The Hulk on TV. “

In a conversation with THR

, Bass talked about Todd’s future, knowing The real Kevin Feige, the shortest Hulk in the MCU.

Continue reading the full interview.

The finale of She-Hulk aired yesterday, which has a lot of content episodes. What was your reaction after watching it?

Yeah, that’s pretty heartbreaking.

You’ll show up early in the season when you date Jen Walters after meeting on a dating app. Are you expecting the evil twist that Todd ends up taking?

No, I got the character and then had to sign a really long contract like you do in a Marvel movie. Then all the script was written, So I just got this line of nine scripts and I just sat down and read one after the other, one after the other. Then when I got to the last episode, my mind really melted. I read the script as I went while screaming because you went from “Oh my God, I’ve turned into the Hulk! “Oh my god, she’s talking to an artificial intelligence, Kevin, and taking my Hulk powers away. “It’s wild.

Were you a big Marvel fan before taking on the role?

I’m a huge Marvel fan. I’ve seen every movie and TV show and I’ve been fascinated by it from the beginning. To be a part of it, It’s a dream come true. You kind of want things to go a certain way in your career and you really don’t have any choice what you get or what you don’t get. Very few actors can choose their roles. It’s you One of those magical moments to get a character that includes getting the Hulk out, right? You have to go with the flow. I feel so lucky to be a part of that.

Was joining the MCU on your wish list then?

[As an actor,] You have to be stupid enough to believe you can do anything. So I think it’s definitely on my bucket list. Everything is on my bucket list. You know, making a movie with Paul Thomas Anderson is on my bucket list. With Filming with Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinertis) is on my bucket list. Filming with James Wan is on my bucket list. Everything in the world. So Marvel is definitely on that list. It’s just something you want to happen .

You call your character Todd “a jerk.” How does it feel to you to be exposed to that character?

I mean, it’s easy. It’s because it’s in our culture. It’s not something you need to research. We live with it every day. So it’s not something you really need to dig into, like Daniel Day-Lewis is going to sew for a year because he’s going to play a designer, right? If you’re on the internet and you like Marvel stuff and you’ll see it. So yeah, it’s easy because it’s just something we live in.


tackles a lot of issues around misogyny and sexism, and it’s fun to do so. Is it exciting to be involved in projects that address these related issues?

Really exciting. So lucky to be a part of such a fun thing, wait, instead of using it Hit you in the head. But, it also makes sense. It’s a very difficult thing to get the cross-section just right. But when you have a smart guy like Kojessica at the helm, he doesn’t just know Marvel— —Writing to the point of absurdity — — and understand human nature and comedy, and you’ll get a great show out of it. And then our directors Kat Coiro and Anu Valia were incredible. They’re never afraid to let actors do what they want. It always feels like a collaboration.

You share a lot of your scenes with Tatiana Maslani. What was it like to develop a relationship with her character?

Which role is she playing? ( Pause, then laugh .) Sorry, this is Todd’s answer. She is the best. It’s really easy to fall in love with Tatiana, as the world now knows from the She-Hulk, but she’s crazy. Professional, talented, and very easy to work with. I immediately felt a friendship with her and it was so much fun to work with her every time because there was nothing difficult. Even when she is fully loaded, she will give 87 Percentage [mo-cap] suit with a green head on top. Having to do this is not easy. We can’t look her in the eyes because we should be looking at this green head, which has a small appendage on the back of her head, a foot away from her. So you have to look up at that, so she’s acting with you, and you’re acting with that head. It’s wild. Still, it’s so much fun. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.

Jon Bass

Jon Bass by Sela Shiloni 1235208680

you Mentioned a sport hat suit with a little bit. I think you have to wear one of these for Todd’s Hulk Moment?

Oh yes.

What was that experience like?

Seems really good to Tatiana. That’s what I’m going to say.

Did you get one of these attachments too?

No, I did not receive the attachment. Actually it’s canon now, but I believe I’m the shortest Hulk.

This suits Todd’s character well.

For Todd’s character, I think it’s very important to keep that in mind. No, I didn’t get the accessories, I got the full suit and the camera in front of you, all the dots on your face. Really fun. I mean, I can imagine Tatiana, it’s getting a bit old after a while. But I talked to 2022 Mr. Mark Ruffalo about this The cool thing is that he still loves it. He’s still excited to do it. It’s a novelty because as an actor, you can play a lot of different things. And that’s just another version of the show. But they just make you a big man, old green man.

After you shoot those vast scenes, then you hand it over to the VFX team to work their magic. What was your reaction to seeing yourself transformed into the Hulk after the episode ended?

In fact, I was eliminated, it’s true. It felt like I was in a daydream version of life. I think it also has to do with the fact that I’m still recovering from COVID.

Oh no!

This is cool. I take a lot of Tylenol. But the kind of crazy fact is that as a kid, you were playing pretend, and then all of a sudden, you 36 while you are watching your own Hulk on TV. It’s crazy.

At the end of the episode, your power is taken away. is that so?

Said it right. Yes.

So, so far, Todd has no more power.

As of now, crazier things are happening in the MCU. People have come back from death. So I think Todd can get another bottle of blood. As a billionaire — as we know, in real life, they don’t stay in prison for long — so I think Todd has room to grow into more evil ways.

Now he has revenge in his heart.

Oh, there are very few things on Todd’s mind. But one of them is revenge. We know he’s good at this.

I know they won’t tell you too much about the future, but as a Marvel fan yourself, where is it now that Jen is on a whole new level We broke the fourth wall, are we going from here?

Well, KEVIN does say they fix the purpose of breaking the protocol. So, she can’t do this anymore. She really can’t break the fourth wall. So I think she can still talk to the camera, but she can’t go to Kevin anymore. So, I think it’s really important for this show to know that this has happened, and to know that it’s no longer possible, right? Because she can’t change her story anymore. Again, though, she may have more wiggle room. Or Ke. Vin might have a soft spot for her. But I think all it does is, you know, let’s break the internet and let’s have fun. With this world we have now lived almost 681 years, as if we’ve gotten to the point where metadata becomes metadata and we can have fun with it. I’m glad She-Hulk was the one who had to because I think Jessica did it right.

In the screenwriter’s room scene, they talk about KEVIN being untouchable, hard to reach. Regarding the real Kevin Feige, did you get a chance to meet him and talk about the She-Hulk?

No! I saw him at the premiere, but I was nervous so I never introduced myself. I still blame myself for that because I’m such a fan. I know there are only so many opportunities. But no, I’ve never spoken to Kevin, but hopefully at another event.

Interview edited for length and clarity.



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