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'She-Hulk' Director-EP Kat Coiro Worries More About Ending Marvel Criticism Than Marvel

[This story contains spoilersShe-Hulk: Attorney at LawSeason one. ]

She-Hulk: AttorneyDirector-EP Kat Coiro admits she’s concerned about the Disney+ series’ bashing of Marvel in its first season finale, but Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige quickly let go of his fears. In episode 9, “Whose Show Is This?” Jen Walters/She-Hulk breaks down the fourth wall and uses the Disney+ interface to finally take on a Feige-inspired AI named KEVIN inside Marvel Studios. From there, Jane discusses her dissatisfaction with the show’s ending, and how it resembles most Marvel conclusions.

Coiro believes the ending represents some of the studio’s greatest strengths, including focus and the ability not to take yourself too seriously.

“Ironically, I’m most sensitive to the whole ending. And the idea of ​​us throwing Marvel projects under the bus, really Kevin, Victoria [Alonso], Lou [De Esposito] and Brad [Windbaum], they were like, ‘No, that’s fine. Don’t worry,'” Coro told Hollywood Reporter . “So I think that speaks to their genius and their ability to laugh at themselves rather than treasure. They know what people are saying; they pay attention.”

In a recent meeting with THR In the conversation, Coiro also explained why the Disney+ menu gimmick had to be just right.

So I asked you earlier if you received a Wonka

tour In your early conversation with Marvel, you replied that the show’s meta Nature allows you to explore “Marvel’s background, if you will.” Well, now I know what you mean. So how do you bring this wild conceit to life?

(laugh.) I like to put in interviews Some Easter eggs. It’s interesting. Filming at Disney was actually very important to me because we had a character living in a world where she knew she was on the TV show. So when she breaks through the fourth wall, she essentially steps into reality. So we shot in different aspect ratios, we changed our shooting style a little bit to be more handheld. And because I really want us to be a real Disneyland, the receptionist [Matt Wilkie] is a real receptionist working at Marvel. We had him audition with a bunch of actors and he got the part. So really getting into reality is crucial to making the whole crazy concept work. As crazy and weird as it is, it’s realistic.

Is securing the Disney+ menu a process?

This was our plan from the beginning, but I’m sure there was a lot of negotiation in the email, luckily I Not involved. In my opinion, what really matters is the timing of finding it. I want to make sure it’s timed so people think there’s a bug, but not timed so they turn off the show. And I think it does work. Based on the reactions I’ve seen, it seems like people were really cheated for a second, but the show came back before they had a chance to get their hands on the remote.

Kevin Feige and co. It is not only an AI Kevin Feige who is so willing to entertain, but also many audiences criticize and question the MCU?

Ironically, I’m most sensitive to the whole ending. The idea that we’re throwing Marvel projects under the bus, really Kevin, Victoria [Alonso], Lou [De Esposito] and Brad [Windbaum], they’re like, “No , that’s fine. Don’t worry.” So I think that speaks to their genius and self-deprecation rather than their precious ability. But what’s most interesting to me is that it speaks to their connection to the audience. They know what people are saying; they pay attention. I think that’s why Marvel is so successful. They listen.

You told me earlier that you knew the show would work based on Tatiana and Mark’s chemistry. Does Tatiana and Charlie’s chemistry also reiterate the idea of ​​the season being over?

I mean, Tatiana has great chemistry with everyone, but she and Charlie and She is very different from Mark and feels a lot like siblings. So I think their chemistry is electric. In that episode, we were also helped a lot by our editor Jamie [Gross], who is the biggest Daredevil fan in the world. She kind of fell in love with Daredevil and really added an extra layer of magic to the episode because of her deep understanding of the character and ability to see both characters in a romantic setting.

In episode 8, you played Matt’s Daredevil theme Qu, you recreate some of his moves, and you also pay homage to his past hallway fight sequences. So is it the same person who is on the new track?

(laugh .) I will neither confirm nor deny . I’ll leave this to Kevin, but I’ll say that my cameraman and I were very concerned about [Daredevil‘s] hallway fights because they’re such an iconic part of the movie Everyone’s favorite Daredevil. However, in the long run, we must respect the origin of the characters. It’s funny, there’s so much talk about suit color, and for me it’s the genius of bringing in a character like a tailor (Griffin Matthews’ Luke Jacobson) because then you’ll see This is a guy who has to order his super suit. So there can be many variations of this suit, and while ketchup and mustard respect the comics, there may be other suits moving forward because now we have tailors to make them.

So do you and Charlie Cox enjoy capturing Matt’s Path of Shame?

That was one of my favorite movies to make. We tried a lot of different variations, and in the end the one that played best was the simplest version. It’s just that he walks and holds part of the costume. It tells a story without too much embellishment, which I like.

For loose lines like the Hulk’s sons Skaar, Bronsky and Wang, do you know what their plan is?

Only Kevin knows. We always have the information we need to make our stories successful, but there is definitely a whole new universe on the horizon that we must pay attention to and respect. When you see Skaar’s introduction, it’s always implied that it’s part of a story, not necessarily ours, but it still fits into that barbecue scene well.

She-Hulk Now available on Disney+. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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