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'She-Hulk' star Ginger Gonzaga sold her own clothes to the show's clothing department

She-Hulk StarGinger Gonzaga has such a keen sense of fashion that her own costume ended up in the MCU.

Gonzaga as Jen Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) best friend and paralegal Nikki Ramos in addition to being the ideal partner everyone dreams of having , Nikki’s insight into fashion is prominent in almost every scene of hers. Gonzaga credits costume designer Ann Foley with being so open to collaborations because the wardrobe is a key part of Gonzaga’s journey as an actor.

“I don’t feel comfortable as Nikki unless she’s wearing something that’s a little provocative, or something she shouldn’t be wearing at work, or something that’s a little too fancy and really Swiped her credit card,” Gonzaga told The Hollywood Reporter .

The original version of the character was always described as “high fashion,” but the character was eventually rewritten to resemble Gonzaga himself. So the costume department took the idea a step further by actually buying the actors’ own clothes.

I lost a lot of my wardrobe with this job, but they pay me,” Gonzaga said with a smile.

In a recent conversation with THR, Gonzaga also discussed why she and Maslany were having trouble reading chemistry.

Audition stories are usually a dime, but not in Marvel’s case. So how’s your casting going?

Well, I’ve worked with Kat Coiro before, so she put my name in the hat and casting director [Sarah Finn, Jason B. Stamey]. So I Got an audition, but with Marvel, you don’t know what you’re auditioning for. They use masks, so you become like a detective trying to investigate. “It says the character is haute couture, so does that mean Is she this, this and this? “When you browse Wikipedia. But I just sent a tape and I had a chemistry session with Tatiana on Zoom, which was really fun. I also improvised a lot. It’s always been my test, see Do people even want me to be there because I can’t help myself on set.

Then I did different readings, but they ended up writing the character, Nikki Ramos, to me Say, it’s rad. They have a role, but they allow it to have a lot of Ginger as Nikki. In my chemistry class with Tatiana, we kept chattering and constantly getting bogged down. They had to stop us and Remind us that this was an audition, so it was a good sign for our chemistry.

That’s when the good news came What happened?

Oh my gosh, it’s highs and lows because I was like, “Wow! And then my puppy decided to poop in my living room. So when I was trying to celebrate that I was in the MCU, I was actually cleaning my puppy, but it was still exciting. Honestly, it was big time Pop so I’m so thankful to have a job and know I’ll work. It was a weird time for all of us, but getting a job so special during that time was a dream come true. Crazy Wild.

(LR): Ginger Gonzaga as Nikki Ramos and Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk/Jennifer “Jen” Walters in Marvel Studios She-Hulk: Attorney At Law by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel

So Nikki is Jen’s (Tatiana Maslany) best friend and paralegal and she really goes out of her way for her friend. I know she and You look alike, but did you get anything from your own friends?

Yes, I did, Because I have a really great team, a very strong, supportive, emotionally intelligent, fun group of friends. We nurture each other, which is great. So Nikki is largely a cheerleader for her friends, and she wants to see her friends Live to her full potential. She also communicates in love language. One of my best friends is Aisling Bea from This Way Up, she and I operate very much like Jen and Nikki. Funny thing is, I have a weird role reversal, the art imitates life. In one of the episodes , I opened up the Jen Walters matching app, and I was like, “Ugh, you can’t date these guys. Let me flip, flip, flip. “One time, when I was out with my friend Aisling Bea, she stole my phone and did it on my dating app. So I thought, ‘Aisling, stop!’ This is simply​​She-Hulk scene! The roles are swapped, which I don’t like. I have no control. “So I did learn a lot from my very funny friends.

When you perform with She-Hulk , what do you have to do the actual adjustment?

I need to adjust my neck, which is very expensive. ( LOL .) Tatiana wears a weird outfit and she hangs this green dead-eyed alien two feet above her head. So I’m big Couldn’t look her in the eye part of the time unless she was on a riser which was also difficult. So they had to build these ramps for her. But a lot of times I looked up at this thing and got used to it being just a piece Weird thing. Otherwise, my eyeliner, as Nikki, would end up going straight to She-Hulk’s chest, which I couldn’t do for nine episodes. So a lot. But Tatiana’s flesh always tells the character Who is, even if I didn’t look her in the eyes. So just a little adjustment will hurt your neck.

(LR): Ginger Gonzaga as Nikki Ramos and Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk/Jennifer “Jen” Walters in Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney At La w by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel

The series starts to ask this Question, but in the real world, if someone gains a power like ren, do you think they have an obligation to help others?

oh my gosh I would think that because I feel like we all have a purpose. So I don’t think this can happen to someone unless they have the magic and soul for the right purpose. So, Dealing with it can be a burden at first, but for whatever reason the universe or whatever will give you this . It’s a great fable for everyone, and what makes them really special, whether you’re a really good singer, a good interviewer, or a very intuitive therapist. Everyone has their own unique, strange powers, which can be skills they develop or are born with that align with their goals. So I don’t think it would be an accident if my friend suddenly turned into the Hulk, I hope they use it to help the world.

Nikki is well dressed as you mentioned. Are you happy to work with a costume designer?

Omg, yes. I was lucky [costume designer] Ann Foley had me work with. I care a lot about fashion and it affects my performance. So I really wanted to give Nikki this particular look, and Ann allowed me to collaborate a lot. Sometimes they buy my personal clothes for Nikki. (laughs.) I lost a lot of closets in this job, but they pay me. I also get to do a lot of hair and makeup with [main stylist] René Warnes. We really pulled a lot from the runway. Technically, I can’t, but my makeup artist Steven will draw what I find on Google. So it’s an honor to work with these artists and show them how important this is to me. As Nikki, I don’t feel comfortable unless she’s wearing something a little provocative, or something she shouldn’t be wearing to work, or something a little too fancy, and really blows her credit card.

2021 She-Hulk is airing on Disney+ . This interview has been edited for length and clarity.



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