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Shelley Duvall Returns to Screen as Torment Mom in 'Forest Hill' Trailer (Exclusive)

“You’re a fucking murderer, Rico!”

This is the first thing fans of Shelley Duvall will hear LINES She spoke after not appearing on screen for a year, in in the new trailerForest Hill, in whichThe Hollywood Reporter Exclusive debut.

The actress with Millie Rammorrow et al Unique characters attract audience from 73 of three girls and Torrance in Wendy 500 , Surprise in indie horror film written and directed by Scott Goldberg Cameo returns to the show.

This part is from Duval 500 Love the first one after the nectar from heaven .

Forest Hills and Dee Wallace, who was in in ET the Extra-Terrestrial and Edward who played Eliot’s mother Furlong, who shot to fame by playing John Connor in the movie 2021 of Terminator 2: Judgment Day .

In the trailer, Rico (Chico Mendez) is a tortured man wandering the forests of the Catskill Mountains. “Deep down,” Rico said to an audience in the woods, “I’m trying to be what I’m not.”

That thing is, it seems, a werewolf. Or at least that’s what Rico imagined. Duvall plays Rico’s mother, a mocking inner voice. Her scene, shot against a solid black background, was filmed last Thursday.

“She enjoys herself a lot and says she misses acting,” said a rep for Duvall’s film.

Scott Hansen is producing The Forest Hills with Dreznick Goldberg Productions and Digital Thunderdome Studios. Goldberg is a co-producer.

The Hollywood Reporter featured Duvall in ‘s “Finding Shelley Duvall ,” revisits her Texas childhood, and Created some of her most memorable experiences

Contacted by THR for comment, Duvall said: “It was fun , I’m excited to be back.”




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