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Shikizakura Manga ends with volume 4 in January 2023

Aoki Hayato manga adaptation 3rd volume Chukyo TV and Sublimation ‘s original “Near Future Sci-Fi Combat Action” animation revealed in July 281 that the manga will be released in January with the fourth volume Finish12, 2023.

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launched the manga’s magazine December .

The first episode of the animation is in

Premiere at Anime Expo July Lite Online Event2023 . Anime ExpoIntroducing Anime:

In the place where the red leaves and cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the Shikizakura (cherry blossoms) where the human world and the demon world intersect, a ceremony to save the human world is about to begin…

High school student Kakeru Miwa is involved. Battle between power suits and ghosts that emerged from the world of demons to prey on ghosts to express themselves in this world by possessing humans. Only the power suit “Yoroi”, which combines ancient secrets and cutting-edge technology, can protect people from demons. Kakeru accidentally puts on Yoroi and becomes a semi-official member of the team fighting Onis.

A horn who aspires to be a hero and fights ghosts to protect the sorceress Oka Myojin who is destined to save the world . In the season of shikura, in the season of autumn leaves and cherry blossoms, Oka dances as a witch. In the place where the past and the future, this world and another world, people’s thoughts and hopes meet, a heroic action-adventure story begins!

Animation in October in China Beijing TV

premiered 281. HIDIVE Anime aired when aired in Japan and dubbed in English .

Source : Volume 3


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