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Shinobi no Ittoki ‒ Episodes 1-3

How would you rate
Shinobi no Ittoki’s episode 1 ?

Community Rating: 3.5

Make a great first impression. The premise is simple – Ittoki thinks he’s an average middle school student, if busy. He spent so much time at school, then cram schools, then gymnastics and other activities that he never spent much time with friends. He certainly doesn’t have time for girlfriends or romantic entanglements, and he’s constantly being watched by Kousetsu, a girl whose mother is in charge of watching him. But the constant ordeal is starting to tire him, and he wants to try something new – enter a new potential love interest. The only problem is that on their first date she tried to kill him (like a random bunch of ninjas) and it ended up with everyone in his life scrambling to protect him because he was Iga’s secret heir ninja clan.

The setup isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but it’s very well executed. This secret shadow war setting, in which various factions vie for power in a hidden place away from the mundane world, is always evocative. A ninja clan that exists in modern times by associating itself with business or government? Of course, let’s see what’s going on here.

I think sales is a combination of relevance and quality production. While obviously not everyone is a carefully managed descendant of a centuries-old ninja dynasty, I think the rest of the struggles of the moment may be familiar to viewers. “I’m too busy with school, I’ve never met my friends, my parents are too controlling, I just want to start the life I want” is perhaps a common teenage feeling. Twisting a very heavy wish-fulfillment scene from a girl who loves Ittoki into an assassination attempt is just a ninja’s job.

The action sequence is very dynamically initiated. There’s a lot of nifty acrobatics, gross flips, and fancy effects here that sell the world of action movies that live for a while. It’s a solid pitch and a strong start, so I’d love to see what other shows are in stores. Score:

How do you rate Ninja Moment Episode 2?

Community Rating: 3.1

) The second episode saw slightly weaker attendance compared to the initial strong performance.

The emotional dimension was definitely the best part of this episode. Ittoki was upset (understandably) that his entire life had been turned upside down and that he had to suddenly face a world full of ninjas. A teenage boy has a lot to accept, but is glad he finally decided to stay, not only to be closer to his mom, but because she was going through similar struggles.

Ittoki’s reaction overall seems reasonable given the circumstances of. He’s way above the rest and has no overt skills or hidden talents (at least so far), so he’s naturally scared and embarrassed, feeling like he’s just trying to keep up with all these changes. During the trial, he was clearly out of his depth, and while he had a good heart, this could be a hindrance for him in the ruthless ninja world.

The less engaging part of this episode for me is The conceit of ninja school. I know we’re trading one tropey background (Secret Shadow Wars) for another (School of Magic), so technically there isn’t much difference, but I personally find the former more interesting. I hope Ninja School is just a temporary rhythm change and we go back (I think) to the way the show was originally.

The final scene of NSC and Koga Village, although short, Exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see out of it. Factions vying for power, deniable assets being used and discarded, manipulation and fighting back – these are the things I love about these stories. I hope we get more of this in future installments. Score:

What do you think of Shinichi Tomoki’s episode 3?

Community Rating: 3.5

Episode 3 nicely summarizes the pros and cons so far.

First is the negative. We took the magic train to wizard school (stop me if this sounds familiar) and got into the magic school spree, like being on time for class, getting a table at lunch, and dealing with social circles. I think that’s why I don’t like the heart of school-based storytelling, especially when the school is very clearly a modern school – the tropes permeate in such an obvious way that it all starts to become School media is no different from other schools. It’s understandable and understandable to the audience, so I can see why the metaphor is used so often, but it’s become so common that it’s all become the same big point after a while. Of course the one-time bully didn’t like him because his ninja chief was assassinated, but the specifics kind of faded away and just became “his bully doesn’t like him for no reason” and “a good girl will help him avoid bullying” and many more. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I’ve checked in these scenarios.

What a shame, because the rest of what happens in this episode is actually quite Good and specific. The ninja suit and core are an interesting gimmick, especially if the fit is not right, it can mess with the user’s controls. Both Kirei and Ryoko are interesting new actors with a lot of personality (Kousetsu is cool too, but due to silence Deadly She’s been going on vibes) and their voice actors both put on an energetic and funny performance , with some really hilarious lines. Ittoki was a complete loser, but it was also a sweet moment to make sure to get manju in the fight and help Kirei, which made him easy to support. Score:

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