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Shinobi no Ittoki anime reveals more cast, promo video and ending theme song

Official website of TROYCA and

Original animated series (Ittoki the Ninja) (Ittoki the Ninja) by DMM Pictures revealed a promotional video and additional throws on Monday . The video reveals and previews hookrockb’s ending theme song “Oboetate”:

The new cast includes:

)Yūki Takada as Shione Kо̄zuki

Tomoaki Maeno as Hayato Goshogawara

Yaya Matsukata

as Genji Kajarishi

Mike Ren as Jūzen Jiraibо̄

Nanako Mori as Xiaonan Sanqiao

Animation e Will be a supporting member of the Japan Ninja Council, an organization aimed at spreading ninja culture.

animation will be in Tokyo MX and AT- Premieres on October 4th and BS Asahi October 7th. Crunchyroll will air anime in Japan. Crunchyroll Fair 2014 The event premiered on August 5 with two episodes of the world premiere.

Shuu Watanabe (, , ) is the animation director,
Minato Takano (live-action

, , Guilty flag) Responsible for the series script. Isamu Suzuki (, ) is designing the character and serving as the lead animation director. TOMISIRO (, , ) is composing. TROYCA and DMM Pictures are both considered to be the original plans for the series, and TROYCA is making an animation.

DMM Established DMM Pictures March Animated Tag360. Animation director

Aoki Sakae (, , ) and his friends founded TROYCA studio is at 2014. The studio produced animation series such as , , , and .

Source : Anime website, Manga Natalie2014





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