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Shinohara Kenta Doesn't Plan to Serialize Weekly After Finishing Witch Watch Manga

comics Creator Kenta Shinohara revealed on the official Twitter account On Sunday, he won’t be doing his weekly comic strip after ending , saying he’s “physically unable” to do so, even if he wanted to . He also added that due to the nature of the manga, he doesn’t know when it will end, but hopes he can continue it as long as possible.

Viz Media and MANGA Plus are both publishing manga in English. MANGA Plus Describe the story of the manga: Morihito, a boy with ogre powers, is about to start living with his childhood friend NIko, who is being trained as a witch. NIko’s magic leads to all sorts of unpredictable troubles, and the two teenagers are under one roof…let the fantastical antics begin! Creator of Kenta Shinohara and . Magic Comedy Series Shinohara at in Shueisha Manga published in ) February magazine 2019. Shueisha published volume 9 of the manga on January 4th. Shinohara from published manga to 2017. This comic inspired 2012-‘s TV Animation and OVA in 12. Crunchyroll played an animation during its broadcast. Shinohara’s award manga ran on the website and app from 2016 to 2016 and there are five volumes. Viz Media posted English comics. A 2012. Funimation played animation while it was airing. Source: Twitter account of




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