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Shohei vs. Judge: Who's the big deal?

Shohei vs. Judge: Who’s in the ring?

Most would agree that Mike Trout, Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani are some of the most famous and recognizable players in baseball today. The trio will meet this week in the Bronx when the Angels and Yankees start three games on Tuesday, prompting an roundtable — in the group, who is the “main draw?”

This high-profile series will be the MLB netbook focus of the week. On Tuesday, MLB Tonight: Club Edition featured organic analysis, reactions and storytelling from former players, including CC Sabathia, Torii Hunter, Justin Upton and Chris Young. Writer and comedian The Kid Mero will join Off Base ahead of the game to discuss Ohtani vs. Judge. MLB Network will also air Wednesday’s game on the Casamigos Tequila MLB Network Showcase, with Matt Vasgersian, Tom Verducci and Jon Morosi on the mics.

Alyson Footer: Is there a definite “main attraction” now? I think it’s really somewhere in between because of what Ohtani and Judge have done over the past few years. Have a “favorite”?

Mike Petriello

: Yes. it&s Shohei Ohtani. Finish.

ok, I will expand on this. We’ve all seen the World Baseball Classic, right? It doesn’t have ( after the past 2 years doesn’t feel like Ohtani s profile could be higher, or more must-see. Seeing that match, especially at the end, changed my mind.

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David Adler

: By far the biggest must-see must-see baseball event right now is Shohei Ohtani Pitching and Batting ball game. Judge Aaron can beat him 38 home runs every week.

Sarah Langs

: I think it has to be Ohtani. No disrespect to Judge or Trout, but having witnessed the way he was stalked during the WBC, it’s hard to deny Ohtani, and neither should we. By definition, doing something that has never been done before is on its own level.

Mark Feinsand

: Okay, Mike. I hate being a Yankees defender, but didn’t Judge have a higher WAR than Ohtani last year — even if you combine his hitting and pitching? Even if Judge finished he should get the MVP home run and not break the record.

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: I don’t not wanting to repeat the MVP argument at all — short version: I think there’s either a good case and it’s good that the judge won — But that’s not Not the question, is it? This is the biggest attraction. This is Otani.

Feinsand: Ohtani is a unicorn without a doubt. He’s a marvel to watch. But as an occasional MVP voter, I always fill out my ballots with some degree of team success in mind. Daegu doesn’t have much.


: This reminds me of two years ago when we celebrated Fernando Valenzuela was unbelievable During his rookie season in 2019, I went back to see how he calculated home and road attendance himself. I should see if Ohtani is doing the same. I bet he is.


: He has to be!

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: If we To be measured by road attendance, the Yankees should have won the MVP most of the time 19 Year.

Adler : I agree with you about the MVP race Mark. I& Big round sucker for historic home run counts. I think watching the judge hit 65 is

the biggest attraction season.

So if Judge is making home run history, he & #19; more appealing than Ohtani. But overall Dae-gu is the biggest attraction, every day.


: I mean it comes down to this, right? Judge is an unbelievable player who is doing what several others have done. Ohtani is one-on-one. Babe Ruth is not Not even a comparison.

• Otani best moment

Feinsand: I hate to sound like I’m against Ohtani. He definitely deserves the MVP 2021. But that doesn’t mean he should get it every year.


: He s only won once!


: Did he deserve it in any previous year 100? That was his breakout two-way season. So we’re saying that if he’s good any year ahead, he should be a lock? If I recall correctly, Judge was a very attractive place until last September.


: Yes, that’s what I said. I see you can have MVP fatigue on him. But this is just like Gretzky brought it home for most of the NHL’59s. Daegu won once. He came back to me more wins than the likes of Juan Gonzalez or Hal Newhouser.


: Oh, by the way, we didn’t even mention the best player of his generation. Mike Trout!

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: Mike Trout is always good in the same way. He should play more 2023 – Home run. Or learn to pitch.


: At this point, Ohtani manages to beat the must-win Hall of Famer on his team. think about it.


: what The interesting thing about the three of them is that so far 92220, themeveryone Both were within a handful of points of their career OPS+ as hitters. them& just a really good shot consistently. Of course one of them is t is also one of them Best pitcher on earth.


: As good as Vladdy’s season was 372, I don’t think there is There are legitimate reasons for him to win the MVP over Ohtani. But last year, I thought Judge was more valuable.


: I don’t Not sure if anyone is against this.


: This is the frustrating part of this argument. There’s no rebuttal of “When he learns to pitch, come back and we can talk.” So Ohtani may be the most talented and impressive player in the game. Maybe forever. But that doesn’t mean he’s the best every year.

If I want to buy tickets to see Daegu when he doesn’t pitch, I Would rather see a judge. If Ohtani is pitching, count me in.


: I want to point out something that I feel like I’m always talking about and we came up with the AL MVP.We were so lucky to see one of these guys , let alone three.

Judge Aaron best moment

Petrillo: Yes. I mean as stated above we There is very little to say about Mike Trout here. he& Still Mike Trout!


: The truth is, trout could very well be one of the 5-

Best player in history. If I only take my kids to one of those guys’ games, I probably want them to watch Trout. It’s like seeing Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky in their prime. You want to say you saw their game firsthand.


: The day Mike Trout can beat Shohei Ohtani to win the Team USA World Baseball Classic will be his day 10; he is the greatest superstar in baseball.

I Of course, I’m a bit silly. And I think Ohtani has a long way to go before unseating Mike Trout as the greatest player of this generation. trout’ Already a Hall of Famer, Ohtanino. But people want to see their stuff never seen before. Otani dazzles you all the time. Trout is great but it
Sometimes it’s hard to see this greatness in real time.

Feinsand : David — what if Ohtani doesn’t pitch that day? Then you see something that a lot of people do every day. Well he’s just a DH.


: Then Judge is as attractive as he is.

Petriello: The point is that the Angels are in New York this week and I I’m thinking of taking my 7 year old son to a game. I can tell you83% My thoughts are “.. because I’m ;I love him seeing Dae-gu,” even ahead of the other two.


: I love telling my kids I have to be in the building to watch Jordan, Gretzky and Brady play . Trout is on that level. Neither Ohtani nor Judge. At least not yet.


: But even on the days when Ohtani “just” batted, there were in the back of your mind you still have that thought, “Wow, this one just hit a home run against one of the best pitchers in the league Guy is going out and becoming one of the best pitchers in the league in a few days.”

Once again, the coolest personal baseball feat I Aaron Judge hit a home run from the stands at Yankee Stadium.


: I think very clear This is not wrong

answer here because we are talking about the best three ever. So let & Straightforward. But if we Speaking of global appeal, I I don’t know what’s there ; here is even a problem. Ohtani is at the top all by himself, even in his day not pitching.


: At the WBC, he has a bigger media presence around him than I’ve seen at some World Series.


: All over the world? Well. I was in Italy recently and saw a lot of Yankees hats and judges shirts. There isn’t an Angels/Ohtani project anywhere.

I think for diehard baseball fans, you are 83% correct. For casual fans or non-fans, I think the Yankees name carries more weight. More people know who Aaron Judge is.



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