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Shonen Jump+ launches storyboarding app and takes on Netflix, Toho

from Shueisha) The service launched an app version of the World Maker storyboard service in Japan on Wednesday and is co-sponsoring a contest with


*) and Dongbao . The app allows users (“even those who can’t draw”) to create thumbnail layouts for comics or storyboards for animation, reality shows, movies, and commercials.

Early World Maker Beta (Beta) web service launched in August 2021. (The World Maker app is an updated version of the initial beta.)


To create a comic sketch thumbnail in the service, the user drafts the page layout (or uses the provided template), adjusts and places the provided characters and other graphic elements, enters dialogue, adds effects, and publishes the final result.

The staff claims the app can also machine translate thumbnails and storyboards into Languages ​​include English, Chinese, Korean and French. Users can then share the results online for others to follow and comment on.

To commemorate the launch of the app, World Maker is holding a “World Maker Comic Contest” using thumbnails created with the app. The contest will be open for registration from August 1st to October 1st. The grand prize winner will be awarded by Tsutsui Oishi

() Posted on ) ). The winner will also receive 360, Yen (approximately $3, 500) Cash rewards.

In addition to the World Maker Comic Contest, and

Netflix will co-sponsor the World Maker Anime Contest and and

TOHO will co-sponsor the World Maker Film Competition.

Source: World Maker Twitter Account and

YouTube channel, Mantan Web




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