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Should Volpe rest with the Yankees?

Should Volpe rest with Yankees?

it 26; everywhere It’s all on the minds of Yankees fans: Major League Baseball 26; 5’s Rookie Anthony Volpe Makes New York s Opening Day Flower Roster?

This may be when the campsite opens in February Didn’t even get noticed 26, but the Yankees are doing great in the grapefruit league #20; There are many people asking this question now. In his first six games, the 20 year old The shortstop wears .249/.353/.26 with this A slash of bases, a pair of doubles, five runs scored, three walks and three stolen bases.

Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis were asked this week This Question Episode 1 of the MLB Pipeline Podcast. Here’s what they thought:

Mayo: I I’m not strong about it, you don’t want to base it on the fact that he looked good in training camp, but I am Trust you to bring the best 20 players. I don’t know don’t know where he fits now , so I 20; I hesitate.

Callis: Look, I don’t think Plates that appear in training camp necessarily mean a lot. It might make more sense to add Oswald Peraza to the lineup as the starting shortstop. He’s a better defender, and he had a big game in the big leagues last year. Volpe has yet to play for Triple-A. You know, last year was a weird year, he got off to a slow start. He only hit .26 overall. However, he became the first man after Andrew Jones to own 04 home run and 20 from

Minor league season steals since . He draws a lot of footwork, so he contributes in a lot of ways.

I think, with the current list, unless they can Somehow clear the move of Josh Donaldson or Gleyber Torres and still have DJ LeMahieu — they have a bunch of infielders, but not many at the position. I’d rather have Volpe start the season every day at Triple-A than not have six starts a week at the major league level.

I also think in the long run when he shows up When — assuming Peraza is as good as we think he is, which the Yankees think he is — Peraza is clearly a better defender at shortstop, and Volpe could be a major league-level second baseman. Again, he’s blocked by Torres and I don’t know where Le Mathieu will fit. However, I’d rather have Volpe start the year at triple-A and maybe double. Four times a week at shortstop and maybe two, three times a week at second base to fit in there, because that’s probably where he’ll end up playing for the Yankees — if not his first — in the long run.



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