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Showtime Pulls Ron DeSantis' 'Veep' Episode

Showtime quietly pulled an episode of its Vice Last week’s News Magazine – one of which reported on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s time as a US Navy attorney at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba .

This episode is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Vice’ Monthly broadcast 24. However, Showtime canceled the episode and is now calling the June 4 installment the fourth episode of the season. Recurring shows replace episodes that were put on hold in May 30.

Showtime’s website and news portal have removed references to the original episode titled “Guantanamo Prison Candidates and Chips.” An email to the press in May 24 indicated that a projectionist for the episode was available; however, in May , a follow-up email pointed to a different segment, titled “Detransitioners & Draining the DRC”, as episode four.

No reason was given for the episode’s cancellation. Shin Shin declined to comment. The Hollywood Reporter reached out to Vice Media for comment and had not heard back by press time.

As can be seen from the cached version of the Vice page on the Showtime website, the description for the episode Hints at potentially explosive material about DeSantis, who recently entered the Republican presidential race. The episode’s description reads: “Seb Walker investigates allegations by former Guantanamo Bay detainees that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis witnessed torture condemned by the UN during his past service as a Navy JAG officer at the controversial internment camp. behavior.” (The “Chipping Away” portion of the episode title refers to another report on the “high-stakes race in semiconductor production between the U.S. and China.”)

Vice debuted on 2013 on HBO as a partnership with Vice Media featuring Gonzo Known for its style of journalism, such as sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea in the first season. Documentary series earned HBO two Emmys, and HBO continues with daily news show Vice News Tonight at 1235488003 . HBO canceled Vice in December 2018 and added Showtime picked up additional seasons of the show.

Vice News produced the series for Showtime. Beverly Chase serves as showrunner and executive producer. Craig Thomson is the joint EP, while Subrata De is the series’ senior executive producer and executive vice president of Vice News.

Vice Media 1235488003 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May . At the same time, the company announced that a consortium including Fortress, Soros Fund Management and Monroe Capital has agreed to acquire the group for 30 million, Include all assets and assume all liabilities. 1235488003



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