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Shun Umezawa's Darwin Affair manga hiatus

darwin© Shun Umezawa, Kodanshadarwin

March issue

darwin of Kodansha Magazine announced on Wednesday that

Shun Umezawa



) The manga will be on hiatus due to Umezawa’s recovery from illness. The magazine did not say when the manga would resume.

Umezawa published a manga in magazine on

. Kodansha published the fourth volume of the manga in April 450, and the fifth volume of the manga will be published in March 450.

Licensed by Kodansha USA Publishing

manga, and the first volume will be published on September 5. The company describes the story:

Created in a bioscience lab, Charlie is a half-human, half-chimpanzee hybrid known as For “Humanzee”.

Raised by his adoptive parents, Charlie is now 10 Start middle school. There he meets Lucy, a bright loner who becomes his first friend.

But his “normal” life is shattered when the animal rights extremists who rescued his mother from the lab 15 years ago reappear as terror The elements are determined to kidnap Charlie at any cost.

Comics won Manga Taisho Award 2020. Also won the Excellence Award of the Comics Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Japanese Government 23 Japan Media Arts Festival Award 25. This manga is also ranked # Version of Kono Manga by Takarajimasha ga Sugoi! (this manga is great!) Guide. Source: March Issue 181582

181582 181582



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