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Sia Arnika Berlin Spring Summer 2024

Berlin Fashion Week newcomer Sia Arnika has assets not all her peers have, starting with a successful online store and enough critically acclaimed collections that her show guests might Persuaded to drive to the film studio. City limits. The late-night travel is worth it; finding and nurturing young talent is crucial to this fashion week’s international appeal.

After graduating from fashion school in Berlin, the Danish designer launched her label in the German capital and has kept it real despite the fact that she has achieved global recognition( including members of the Jenner-Kardashian family), but she made the decision anyway.

This decision was driven by the stark contrast between her Nordic heritage and the expressiveness of Berlin, whose core aesthetic has evolved into a fusion of minimalism and maximalism: Call it “experimental normality.” As in previous seasons, sheer, layered and tailored materials play a central role in the visual design, merging wearability, creativity and recognizability. Sia Arnika is one designer to keep watching.



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