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Sid Neigum Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Spring, Sid Neigum is all about shining, The disco ball from the dress is complemented by a beautiful and surprisingly heavy real padlock that can turn a black jersey blazer into a locked state. (Seriously. Luckily, a key is included).

“I love the contrast of combining a really draped sweatshirt with hardware,” says the designer. “It’s almost like it’s getting too pretty, so I need to add something to give it an edge.”

By contrast, he Clever double box pleats Now these pieces are made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. Those dressings with a soft sheen that blend personality—lime, white or fuchsia pink and red—are highly packable.

Negum also revisited his love of transparency, now replacing the earlier pearl grids with small, pointed silver stud earrings, just for a little Change it up. Elsewhere, the top’s black bow is sheer, structured and studless. As a result of experiments with AI images, it makes a convincing case for elevating horsehair from a lining material to the red carpet. (“If it’s red, you can use it as a gift bow on the car,” quipped the designer.)

Neigum fans love it Clever tailoring – out, but he’s “getting aggressive about it” this season. On a tour of the showroom, the shelves displayed a wide range, from a strand of white Tension top paired with an oversized suit, to a body-hugging orange dress with an infinity peephole, to a sequined dress in varying shades of sunset, designed by One of the division’s signature three-ring twists is anchored.

While succinct, this season’s proposition will speak to Neigum’s fundamentals. As a young indie developer with a loyal following, he’s got his fair share of Insta-glory, and then the copy woes, so he thinks staying on top of the game is the only way to go. Now, he’s focused on upgrading. It will be interesting to see what results this leads to.



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