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Sienna Miller recalls finding out she was filming 'Extrapolation' with Meryl Streep: 'It was a bucket list'

Sienna Miller is reminiscing about the moment she learned she would be teaming up with Meryl Streep Apple TV+SeriesExtrapolation.

On her appearance on the

Tonight Show

Friday night, Anatomy of a Scandal Actress tells Jimmy Fallon ( Jimmy Fallon) She originally received an email from creator Scott Z. Burns about signing on to the eco-drama. “It said, ‘I wish you could do this,'” she recalls. “We worked together on The Loudest Voice . He directed an episode of it. So we’re friends.”

But what really sold her on the show was the last line in the message. She said, “There was a PS: ‘Meryl Streep is playing your mother.’ At that point, I thought, ‘I don’t need to read it. I am.'”

She added, “It’s a bucket list, isn’t it, for any of us? Even love being in the room.”

series focuses on the effects of climate change on the planet and its impact on people, but through different perspectives and interconnected stories tell. In the second episode, “Whale Down,” marine biologist Rebecca Shearer (Miller) develops a relationship with Eve in The last humpback whales on Earth. And she can communicate with Eve by assigning her late mother’s voice, played by Streep.


previously told

The Hollywood Reporter

“Watch” the Oscar-winning stars of the studio.

It’s so fact-based,” she said of Streep. “Because she’s so open and available, it just inspires some returns. ”

But the Chivalry actress explained to Fallon, She was still nervous about playing opposite Streep. “Not to mention having to look her in the eyes, like the action, because you just want to see what she’s doing,” Miller said. “She’s so smart. ”

Final episode of Extrapolations Friday on Apple TV+ Premiere on.



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