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Silencio, the Chicest Club in Paris, Opens a Very Red New York Location

Indeed, while the room may be Lynchian in its origins, it is wholly Nuriev’s. Having collaborated with brands from Nike to Balenciaga, Nuriev is known for his vibrant, futuristic minimalism as well as his embrace of fashion materials. (The man’s made a couch out of Uggs and denim, after all.) That’s on full display here. Booths are built into alcoves that are hidden behind theater-esque curtains; pull one back, and you’ll find seating upholstered in gold reflective vinyl that looks plucked straight from a disco dress donned at Studio 54.

Which, coincidentally, was situated only a few blocks away from Silencio New York. Located on 57th Street and 8th Avenue, it’s in the heart of the urban grit of Gotham—which somehow only adds to its glamor—albeit neighborhoods away from the city’s current downtown hotspots. “We were interested in the history of the neighborhood,” Frisch says of their location near the city’s most legendary nightclub. “And we’ve always been interested in being a destination place.”

The D.J. booth and stage at Silencio New York.

Photo: Pauline Shapiro

Meanwhile, mixologist Remy Savage has crafted a cocktail menu that feels like Marais meets Midtown: think Manhattan with a twist of Pernod, or an Upside-Down New York sour with orgeat. Drinks will be served to Silencio’s discerning clientele while a world-class DJ or performer plays on in the background. (Prince, Lana Del Rey, and Pharrell Williams are just some of the famous names that the Silencio outpost in Paris has brought on stage in the past.) “We’ve always had a strong link to the arts scene, the music scene,” Frisch adds.

Silencio will open in late February, but a lucky few may be passing through its velvet curtains even sooner—with New York Fashion Week kicking off this weekend, it’s already been booked for a number of private events.



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