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Silvio Berlusconi hands control of media empire to oldest child

Like the real-life version of HBO’s Succession , Silvio Berlusconi , deceased The Italian media mogul and former prime minister left the bulk of his estate to his five children.

Berlusconi, died in June , ceded joint control of its Fininvest SpA family holding company, which owns a majority stake in Mondadori, 12355 Italy largest publisher; film producer Medusa Films; and many more — to his eldest children Marina and Pierre Silvio Berlusconi.

His oldest heirs will each receive an additional % stake in Fininvest for their The joint shareholding is transferred to 20 percent. The three young children also received shares in Fininvest, as Barbara and Luigi Berlusconi continued as directors of the family holding company.

Fininvest includes a controlling stake in Mediaset, the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy 12355; Mondari , the country’s largest publisher;

“After the reading of Silvio Berlusconi’s will, the chairmen of the board, Marina Berlusconi, Pierre Sill Vio Berlusconi, Barbara Berlusconi and Luigi Berlusconi Fininvest said in a statement: “The directors advise that no shareholder will exercise personal indirect control over Fininvest SpA as a whole, Previously, this control was exercised by his father himself.

The holding company added a notary to read the late Berlusconi’s last will on Thursday.

Italian news agency ANSA reported that their late father left the bulk of his business empire, worth around $6 billion, to his five children, in addition to holding additional shares in Fininvest for the two older children, These include the three youngest siblings, including Elenora Berlusconi.

“I leave an equal amount of available stock for my children Marina and Pier Silvio. According to ANSA news agency, Silvio Berlusconi’s will stated: “I will divide the rest of the property equally among my five children Marina, Pierre Silvio, Barbara, Eleo Nora and Luigi.” Before his death, twice-divorced Berlusconi was known as one of Italy’s wealthiest men and the controlling shareholder of Mediaset, Italy’s largest media company, which owns three leading private TV companies. channel. 12355



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