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Simkhai Resort 2024 Men's

Rebranding is only part of Simkhai’s accelerating engine. Not only did the company open four stores this year, but it also launched resort menswear 2024. “Lifestyle” in Jonathan Simkhai’s mind is a holistic experience for all customers of all categories. When people “like a brand,” he said in the walkthrough, “they want to know more; “What else can you show me?” “[When] men walk into the store with their girlfriends or wives [we say] ‘We’re doing menswear—you should see their faces. ‘ They’re like, where is it? When?’ Because They also want to be part of the brand.”

Simkhai knows this feeling well; eager to wear a design that bears his name. (He chose a set of denim with the S logo on it for our meeting.) ” said the designer. series.

Oddly enough, the collection feels broader than personal, possibly because Simkhai is trying to please a broad clientele by forging a path that isn’t extreme. “I really feel that the menswear market There’s a void in the world that focuses on the classics but still feels sexy, sophisticated, and refined,” he points out. One way he’s filling that void is with printed viscose pajamas/sports suits that feel very Cali, clinging to the Preppy shirts. Athletic fabrics are also available, but not the kind of “critical mass” that announces a Simkhai look.

Designer jersey tees, on the other hand, are a wardrobe must-have for smart iterations Indispensably, perhaps this is how the men bought the collection, at least initially. Of course, this would make sense in a retail setting. Also of interest is the mix of Simkhai womenswear elements (see Dow’s tailored green jacket, and one of his specialties, the trench coat). This is in line with what we saw in the fall 13 menswear season. Will see if this communication continues.



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