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Simon Miller Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Maybe it’s because designer Chelsea Hansford hails from California, or because of the kooky accessories that have become hallmarks of the brand, but Simon Miller tends to have a youthful, party girl vibe. Who else would dare resort 2023’s wavy zebra print sequin bustier, or last fall’s Abominable Snowman-core? Fall 2023, however, feels more adult and relaxed. Shot in a mid-century modern home, each outfit looks like something a starlet would wear for her Architectural Digest home tour. In fact, the inspiration for the season came from Hansford’s love of modern furniture design. The theme is “bubble world,” and Hansford purposefully made the majority of the collection without sharp edges: rounded dome buttons, bulbous heels, nubby faux shearling; even the rectangular sequins have beveled edges.

In keeping with this laid-back philosophy are the many matching sets and separates included in the collection. They range from the simple (a gray turtleneck and flares) to the extravagant (a silver sequin pantsuit). As always, the accessories are an important part of the collection and many are bubbled, as promised. Statement necklaces and earrings are made from gumball-size spheres, while sandals are reimagined with a gentle, conical heel. Coziness, as a theme, makes sense for fall/winter. While these clothes don’t quite make you want to curl up around a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, maybe they’ll make you want to sip merlot around your Marcel Breuer candlesticks.



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