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Simone Biles is officially married!In Galia Lahav's last fitting

But before Cabo’s big wedding (and official town hall ceremony)Vogue interviewed at Galia Lahav’s studio in downtown New York Simone captures the last wedding dress she tried on. “I found my dress in DMs, [and] I found my future husband in DMs!” Simone joked.

Head designer Sharon Sever greeted her at the door, and designer Galia Lahav personally gave the Olympian a big hug as she entered the studio. The excitement was palpable. “I can’t believe the day has come when I can try on my official wedding dress!” Simone exclaims.

The bride-to-be was quick to explain that the gown she ultimately chose had many design elements that she had never actually envisioned for herself in the first place, but she couldn’t be more pleased with the end result . “When I started shopping for dresses, I thought if I was going to get married, it had to be Galia Lahav,” she said. “So once I saw these dresses, I thought it was definitely my style. I love the sheerness of it, I love the fit, and then the little details of the pearls, I love the pearls. Wanted something else, and that was flowers and pearls.”

At first, Simone was nervous about the silhouette of the ball gown due to her diminutive stature, but the Galia Lahav team quickly told her a Little secret: A ball gown silhouette with a bodice and high slits can actually be quite elongated. “I was nervous about wearing a ball gown because I was so petite — but it was perfect,” she said. “The leg splits are very key. In my opinion, it’s about adding length to my body. I think that’s exactly how a bride should feel—luxury, beautiful, kind of on top of the world.”

After the FaceTiming, her sister saw the dress and Simone debated widening the gap a bit. “The taller [the slit] is, the sexier it is… I look taller,” she says with a sly smile before practicing bridal steps. “It was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been…to take this life-changing path,” she admits. “It’s like everything you’ve ever hoped for and dreamed about.” With that said, Sharon opened a bottle of champagne – Simone and the Galia Lahav team toasted the greatest man of all time found.



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