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'Sin Eater: The Crimes of Anthony Pelicano' trailer showcases never-before-heard recordings used in ex-Hollywood fixer's case

Sin Eater: The Crimes of Anthony Pellicano‘s latest trailer shares a never-before-seen look To bring down the evidence recordings of former Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano.

“The film is the first of many of these recordings to be heard,” said reporter Allison Hope Weiner, who has extensively reported on the The notorious Hollywood tuner.

Pellicano was accepted by 2011 and arrest, his trial on subsequent charges exposed the industry of the rich and famous , and the lawyers they hire use PI to dig up scandals about their enemies and each other, often illegally.

Following him

10 Years in prison For wiretapping and racketeering, Pellicano received audio recordings from the FBI case file, classified documents, and statements from victims about his illegal actions. Presented by The New York Times , this two-part documentary reveals the dirty tricks and enormous lengths that a ruthless ex-private eye employs for Hollywood’s elite.

“Your career isn’t going to take any hit. It’s not going to happen,” Pellicano can be heard saying in an audio recording included in the video. “Just stick with me, baby. I’ll take care of it.”

Specifically, part one examines how the rich and powerful in the industry at the time got their hands on the legal system Advantage. “Pellicano had multiple sources inside the phone company to carry out the illegal wiretapping,” said Daniel Saunders, Assistant U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles, of 2006-2011, said in the trailer. “He had a room called a war room full of computers.”

Hollywood power brokers — and why they’re rarely held accountable. “

Sin Eater: The Crimes of Anthony Pelicano Part 1 and March Two consecutive premieres at

PMFX. Watch the trailer below.



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