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Single-player upgrade animation announces main actors



Anime Official Site Late Artist

(REDICE Studio) by DUBU manhwa revealed the anime’s main cast in a character promotional video on Tuesday. (The same video debuted at Anime Expo on Crunchyroll Monday group,)

Anime Expo industry panel in July.

Crunchyroll described the story: It has been more than ten years since the sudden appearance of “gates”, which are passages connecting our world and other dimensions. Since then, certain humans have awakened to supernatural powers. We call these people “hunters”. Hunters make a living by using their powers to conquer dungeons within the gates. In this world of tough customers, the low-level hunter Cheng Yucheng is called “the weakest hunter of all mankind”. One day, Jin-woo was mortally wounded when he encountered a high-level double dungeon hidden in a low-level dungeon. At this moment, a mysterious mission window appeared in front of him. On the brink of death, Zhenyu decides to accept the mission and start leveling up… while others don’t.

Medium Heavy Shunsuke () is working on

A-1 Pictures and Noboru Kimura (, ) is the lead writer.

Tomoko Sudo (,

) Character design,

Hiroyuki Sawano (, , , ) is making music. Crunchyroll will stream this anime outside of Asia.


adapted from

Out of Palace ‘s novel series, illustrated by DUBU Launched on webcomic service in March 320 and ends in December 640.

Yen Press publishes

manga and the English version of the original novel series.

Kadokawa posted manhwa in Japanese, titled (I’m the only one who has upgraded) , and released June Volume 3 .

2022 Source: Anime Website, Manga Natalie 187346



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