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Skip and Loafer ‒ episode 4

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Skip and Loafer?

Community Rating: 4.4
©Misaki Takamatsu, Kodansha/’Skip and Loafer’ Production Committee

I wasn’t kidding when I said I passed yesterday because I knew I could watch today. Episode 4 continues the gentle, soaking feel-good charm that the series radiates in every interaction, with characters behaving like people who are honest with God. The central theme this week is that you must do things in the way that best suits


, which is handled through a mix of subtle and more direct messaging.

The understated bit comes unusually It starts with Mitsumi learning about Shima’s past as a child actor. We can guess this from Kanechika’s growing desperation for him to join the drama club; it’s also evident that Shima really The didn’t want to talk about it. This leads him to reveal Shima’s past to Mitsumi as some kind of betrayal, which she quickly understands. Although she couldn’t quite articulate it to herself, she took an English test while her mind raced around the issue, trying to figure out how to deal with what her closest friends in Tokyo didn’t want her to know about. information. It’s a situation she’s never been in before — when you live in a small town like Mitsumi’s, there are very few secrets. This means Fumi, her moral/social compass, never gets a chance to show what Mitsumi is supposed to do, leaving her aloof, dry, and completely dizzy.

Although Fumi is not a major – Ying Her influence may be the biggest driving force in Sanmei’s life, whether she knows it or not. When Mitsumi and Shima talk about Shima’s past, it’s Fumi’s guiding behavior that helps Mitsumi serve Shima the way he needs her. Fumi is the voice in Mitsumi’s head, and while her actions are her own, they are influenced by what Fumi does for her. What is the main thing Fumi does? Just there . That’s what Mitsumi promises to do for Shima; aside from eye-catching imagery, their pinky promise is solid. Mitsumi is so serious that she thinks it’s real, and Shima desperately wants to have a friend he can trust and talk to, making this moment feel so much more important than dozens of similar scenes in other shows.

It also makes Sanmei feel at ease that Shima In terms of – her job as his friend is to respect what he wants, and he does

Wants anything to do with his acting past. We see him seem to live alone in the first episode, and his body language when he admits he’s just doing things for his mom is pretty telling – there’s not a lot of warmth in his parent-child relationship. This body language is the episode’s main strength, with Mitsumi in stark contrast to Takamine, the older student foisted on her by her less enthusiastic homeroom teacher. (Is she still holding a grudge about the vomiting incident? Honestly, I think she just doesn’t like Mitsumi. It happens.) From her upright demeanor and perfectly smooth hair. She is incapable of dealing with Mitsumi, whose high-functioning anxiety disorder is very different from hers. When Mitsumi copes with missing the bus by simply playing with a cat she finds, her fear sums up her entire approach: chance and change are bad because they cannot be planned. Eventually, she learned (through a fantastic dream) that maybe she could be a little more flexible, but the bigger takeaway is that, as Shima said, everyone has their own way of doing things. This is something you have to figure out yourself.

If your way is Mitsumi’s And mine, say hello to every dog ​​and cat on the street? That’s perfectly fine. You are you and that’s enough.




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