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Skip and Loafer ‒ episode 5

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It’s official – this show cured my migraine. Or at least got the job done; I feel better anyway. It’s also fitting, since this week’s episode is mostly about the characters thinking about their relationships with each other and how they end up helping them, with mean girl Egashira taking center stage. This episode adaptation chapter is one of my favorite chapters in the source manga, because it does something that many productions don’t bother to do: give Mean Girls a The reason for her behavior .

Strictly speaking, Jiangtou has never been Not terribly cruel. She keeps things more in the realm of “snide”. This episode tells us that she is fully aware that she is not that kind to Mitsumi. She is Mitsumi’s antithesis, and informs their relationship in a very important way that while Mitsumi never plays anyone, her true self, Egashira, is presenting a fully curated character. More often than not, this stemmed from a bad experience in her early life; being a chubby kid meant Jiangtou was ignored and neglected, which was just as damaging as any other type of bullying, and in order to put her past behind her, Jiangtou began to change everything about himself. We previously learned that she combs through magazines to create the perfect, trend-focused look, and her personal image remains a major part of the show. But she also kept a strict eye on her diet and forced herself to join popular clubs to perfect her image. Mitsumi and Yuzu come so naturally to what she has to force herself to be.

She’s more like Kurume than her d may be comfortable. Kurume also strives to be who she wants to be recognized as, perhaps going further in her “smart girl” persona than she does in reality. Ezumi reacts to Mitsumi in much the same way Kurume reacts to Yuzu; both see their opposites as almost alien, unattainable beings. Yuzu tries to help Kurume see her as normal, but Mitsumi may not be very social. Instead, she is her unapologetic self, and it’s up to Egashira to put the pieces together. This week, she thought, Sanmi must have what Shimo wanted, her personality and the way she treated him made him feel lacking or made him feel comfortable. This is almost certainly true, but more importantly to Ezumi, when she makes this connection, she begins to allow herself to like Mitsumi and may no longer see her as an adversary.

A bit of Mitsumi rings this week too wake-up call – and it’s the first (maybe second) time she’s confronted with the reality that Shima is not only her closest friend in Tokyo, but also a “handsome guy.” She’s always been at least tangentially aware that he’s good-looking, but to her, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that he’s nice and she enjoys being around him. However, at the inevitable school sports day, she realizes that if she rushes forward to give him the kimchi she made, it could make her a target for the other girls present. She eventually realizes that her friendship with him is more important than that. The effect on him is palpable: we may not be able to get inside his head this week, but when he sees her turn away from him, his face is completely blank, and when she comes back later, he cheers loudly, he Make a basket yourself instead of letting another classmate shine.

she is what he wants to share People he wins because, as far as they’re concerned, they’re close friends, and that’s all that matters.

Is there still a relationship between them? More brewing? Possibly, even possible. But more important to Mitsumi and Shima is how much they enjoy spending time together and how well they get along. If there is a romance later on, I like to know it’s because they both want things to go that way.




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