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Skip and Loafer ‒ episode 7

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I usually laugh like an idiot through the entire dance sequence of the opening theme song. Now, however, thanks to subtitles (and not having to rely on my imperfect translation), I’m happy to report that I now laugh like an idiot through the entire opening theme. That might be a metaphor for the whole show — just when you think it can’t get better, it does.

It’s not always big, it’s Part of the charm. This episode is a great example because it skips all sorts of little details that add up to, or rather,

will add up to more. One of them, of course, is Mitsumi’s aunt Nao realizing her niece keeps referring to this “Shima-kun” guy. Mitsumi might not have noticed, but Nao’s spider sense was stinging. She seems to think that “Shimasuke” is pursuing her precious niece’s innocence, but their eventual encounter should make it extra special. While Nao’s thinking may be more Victorian, she’s not entirely wrong. It’s just that neither Mitsumi nor Shima have fully understood and expressed their feelings yet.

there are It seems obvious. The main line of the episode is that, with summer vacation fast approaching, the girls are scrambling to ask Shimo out, or at least ask for his contact information. Shima happily turned them down, which made Mitsumi pause for a second to think. After all, they exchanged messages without any drama, and when she asked him to go with her to the zoo to see the pandas, he agreed with little hesitation. He easily agrees to hang out, which makes Mitsumi uncomfortable because she still has Fumi’s words about her crush and boyfriend in her head, but she’s not 100% sure she is

not Ask him out on a date. She seems to think his answer means he’s either not noticing her inner turmoil or is ignoring it because he only sees her as a friend, but that probably isn’t the case. There’s a pause after she asks him, and while we could interpret it as being entirely in Mitsumi’s head, given the meaning of her words and his reaction to them, it’s likely happening in real time as Shima freezes. We’ve learned from last week that he’s more aware of how his words and actions might be taken – especially Sammy – so it’s possible he’s a little panicked. Both get through the moment and agree to take the risk, but it feels like they’re trying a little too hard to be cool about it.

Jiangtou don’t know what to do either . She witnesses the panda scene in the corridor and appears conflicted. At least a little bit of it might be because she recognizes that she and Mitsumi are friends now, even if she’s not sure what to do with real friends. Talking about sleepovers with the other girls earlier, Jiangtou thought she wasn’t involved, and was surprised when Sanmi asked her if she would be allowed to come. It speaks volumes about Jiangtou still feeling insecure about herself and her role in her social life, and it’s not easy seeing Sammi and the boy she likes grow closer in a way that frustrates Jiangtou. They’re not together so she can’t give it up, but she knows she should, because Mitsumi considers them friends.

This is one of the best parts of this series One, whether it’s manga or anime: teenage issues are taken seriously. Do they look a little silly once you’re no longer in high school? Sure, but when you live with them, they eat your world. Everyone carries their baggage, from the overcrowded Gaoke to the boy she lost as student body president, and it weighs on them. By treating it all as a real problem and not fluff, Ground yourself in a way that many high school stories don’t. Even Ririka may have struggles she drags along, and I’m sure this series will show us what those are and at least help Mitsumi and Shima overcome any misunderstandings it inevitably creates.




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