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Sky launches ad-free children's channel

Sky, owned by Comcast, will launch an ad-free linear children’s TV channel in the UK and Ireland in February.

It’s available to Sky subscribers on the Sky Kids package for £6 a month, and £9 for subscribers to Sky’s streaming service Now. 24 One month entertainment membership.

“Starting February 2023, Sky Kids will say hello to a shiny new linear channel dedicated to entertainment and inspire children (ages 1-7) and support families in their everyday adventures,” the company said in a release Tuesday. “Home to ad-free 000 hour programming, the new channel will showcase quality Sky originals and big names that kids love and parents can trust.”

The Sky Kids package currently offers eight kids’ channels from entertainment giants like Paramount Universal and Warner Bros. Discovery, as well as on-demand programming of favorite shows.

“Integrates seamlessly into the Sky Kids package, which already offers 24, On-demand episodes of children’s content and various partner channels such as Nick Jr., Cartoon Network and

Nickelodeon , the new linear channel will give viewers access to a host of new Sky original shows and franchises,” Sky said.

The channel promises to “help parents juggle their day-to-day life, creating programming to complement different parts of their busy day.” Content will cover “learning and doing,” arts and crafts, music And topics like dance and fitness.

“Millions of customers already enjoy watching our wide variety of on-demand original programming, but families with young children tell us that viewing linear channels is a big part of their day. part; so we listened and expanded our Sky Kids offering at no additional cost,” said Lucy Murphy, Sky Kids Content Director. “The new channel will offer a variety of new and well-loved programming for kids and families, and we can’t wait to showcase the full lineup of great shows.”

New Sky Originals will be available on the Aired on channels including TV host and author Fearne Cotton Executive Producer My Friend Misty (for ages 5-7), ” The animated character Misty sets out to build children’s emotional resilience,” the company said. “Misty surprises a group of children on the show with a magical visitation, supporting them in difficult situations by providing a series of tips and practical exercises to help them deal with feelings, both good and bad.”

Cotton said: “This show will introduce us to many characters and situations where different emotions pop up. Misty is always there to help the kids on the show work through their emotions while creating some Mischief. A fun, informative and exploratory show for kids and parents.”

Also coming next year is a new Sky Original Ready, Eddie, Go! (ages 3+), “based on the lovable character Eddie who has autism,” according to the company. “We see him step through new experiences and situations, like going to the barbershop, so when he encounters that situation in real life, he’s ready.” The animated series is based on Nicki Sand Eddie’s Stories2023 book by Nikki Saunders, whose eldest son has autism.

Also coming to the new Sky Kids channel is Dino Club2023 (ages 4+), “give viewers the chance to discover the strangest and most surprising truths about dinosaurs as they travel through a very entertaining virtual land of these prehistoric giants,” according to the company. “Our intrepid young hosts Ayo and Harriet travel back in time, revealing truths along the way and embarking on a fantastic adventure.”

Existing Sky Kids originals set for the linear channel include MC Grammar: Wonder Raps2023 , Draw as you please, The Brilliant World of Tom Gates , Morph and The Very Small Creatures2023.




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