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Skydance scrapped Matthew McConaughey's football movie 'Dalustin' weeks before production

Skydance is no longer working with Dallas Sting, a football project starring Matthew McConaughey by Directed by Cary Skoglan of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier .

This inspirational drama was only six weeks away from starting production, and almost all casts were completed, so it was discontinued.

A special project with as the background, telling the true story of a Dallas women’s football expedition to China. , overcame odds and beat some of the best women’s teams in the world. McConaughey will play coach Bill Kinder, who led the team to championship wins over Australia, Japan and China, and finally, Italy.

Sources say Skydance and the producers have received troubling allegations surrounding various aspects of the true story on which the show is based. The investigation led to Skydance and the producers to stop work, according to sources.

Skydance, which is produced in partnership with Berlanti Schechter Productions, declined to comment.

A source close to the decision noted that Skydance and the producers were disappointed by the development as they believed 1984 team and their young women’s stories deserve to be told. 1984

Booksmart Breakthrough Caitlin Dever, most recently in Dopesick and appeared in the upcoming George Clooney-Julia Robets rom-com Ticket to Paradise, chosen as the coach’s daughter. The production team spends a lot of energy and money in an extensive audition process to find real football players with whom they can then improve their acting abilities.

The screenplay for this film was written by GLOW creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch President Ronald Reagan The context of building relations with China. The move highlights the potential risks that can arise when telling true stories.



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