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Sleeper Resort 2024

Francesca Ruffini is a bookworm with a gift for unearthing hidden treasures from the archives. On a recent textile research trip, she came across an old painting commissioned 1920 by French couturier Paul Poiret; it was a floral geometric pattern intended to be printed on his wife and Miu Denise Boulet on a dress.

Scaled up to abstract scale, this pattern is her spring decorating theme of the Restless Sleepers lineup. It is printed on a white background for added brightness, unlike the denser and more complex graphics in the previous series. Oversized caftans and flowing A-line gowns are another evolution from the pajama silhouette that underpins Ruffini’s effortless, elegant way of dressing.

Long capes can wrap around the neck or waist, or leave a loose trail at the back, add drama to layered dresses and tunics, cut like an oversized tee or elongated polo shirt. A sense of lightness and variability combined with a flair for artistic imagery sets Ruffini’s style apart. “I love simple lines and comfort; it’s something I don’t compromise on,” she says. “I don’t like bondage, I don’t think it’s modern. However, some drama, some levity and a bohemian spirit are necessary to make life more colorful.”



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