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'Smile' star Socie Bacon discusses horror film's wild ending

[The following contains spoilersSmile.]

Smiling can be a nightmare for Sosie Bacon’s character, but the experience has always been an actor’s dream success real.

This Parker Finn-directed horror film was not only Bacon’s first top-grossing film, it was also her first domestic No. 1 film, Box office last weekend $48.$600,000. In Smile

, Paramount won for the sixth time 681 Box Office Winner , Bacon’s character, Dr. Roscott, inherits the supernatural curse of a patient who kills himself in her presence, all the while in the wildest and most disturbing way possible Smile.

Ultimately, as is the convention of the genre, Ross wouldn’t be the “final girl”, and Bacon wasn’t happy with the result.

“If this movie had a happy ending, I’d be even more frustrated,” Bacon told The Hollywood Reporter .

In a recent spoiler conversation with THR, Bacon also discussed filming on set The scariest scenes like and why Rose wasn’t responsible for her childhood trauma.

So are you ready for the possibility that random strangers will flash their creepiest of times and laugh at you for the rest of your life?

(laughs .) Honestly, I don’t mind. I just don’t want anyone yelling at me to smile. Women are said enough.

I should probably knock on wood to avoid getting into trouble for the rest of your life.

(laughs.) How dare you!

Does everyone have to tape their craziest smiles during the casting process?

No, I don’t expect anyone to do this! I really don’t. I think [Parker] just picked people he knew could do it. Kyle [Gallner] talks about his smile scene being the scariest day for him. He told me he panicked before he had to smile. I was like, “Kyle, it’s okay.” (laughs.)

During the shoot, did you and Kyle have anything to do with the fact that you were both screaming (Victims of Ghostface in Franchise?

(laughs.) No, we didn’t do not talk about it [ then]. But we did an interview together the other day, and I said, “We’re Scream alumni!” That’s our alma mater.

Sosie Bacon and Jack Sochet stars at smile Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

so,Smile is your first number one on the phone list. Have you changed the way you do things in order to set the tone and lead by example for the rest of the cast and crew?

certainly. I’ve been supporting other great actors so far and I’ve been able to really see how they perform and lead. The first really set the tone. So everyone is first. So I’m happy to take the job, it’s difficult. I think the most important thing about my success is being very committed. I care. I know my lines. So I think that encourages others to do the same, not that they wouldn’t do it anyway. So everyone is very engaged and respectful of what we do. I definitely didn’t do everything right. I have a lot to learn. (laughs.)

Ross is a workaholic. At the end of the day, she has a hard time letting go and de-stressing, which may be how she was distracted from this uncontrolled childhood trauma. Are you also struggling to switch off this character at the end of each day?

certainly! I didn’t really let go of her that much. I didn’t keep working because I was exhausted, but the way I was numb was the reality show. Sometimes, I can’t sleep, so I just watch bad TV until morning. This is my distraction. So yeah, it’s hard to put her away.

I’m assuming you shoot out of sequence like most movies. So before each shooting day, do you have to map or calibrate where Rose is in her breakup?

Yes, Parker really helped that. I gave him carte blanche to remind me of what happened before and what happened after, every scene. The beginning of the hospital was when she was more complete, but we shot that at the end, so it was up to the hair, makeup and wardrobe to make the corpse look alive. (laughs.) But it actually helped because she was really heavy at first, and that was because she had such a dark past.

As a cat owner, the moment I felt the mustache from a mile away, it still breaks my heart. Are you a cat owner now?

I don’t have a cat right now, but I have a dog and a horse. So I’m an animal lover and yes it’s rough. Really, really sad.

Sosie Bacon inSmile Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

in all the disturbing Ross plays you watch Is the Calpheon and Jack Sochet scene in the hospital ward the craziest scene of the day?

Strangely, no. I don’t think so because such a fight is too technical. Probably the scariest moment for me was when Caitlin Stasey’s character severed her neck and then lay on the floor in that position for so long, covered in blood. It’s just rough.

If I were an actor, I would stop at nothing to make a horror movie. This type is almost a passing ceremony. I also think every actor should do a period film. Are you thinking about your career in these terms and want to tick certain boxes?

We have a lot less say in our careers than people think. I’d love to plan my career, but I’ve accepted every job offered before this film. These jobs are just the ones I get, but I always knew I wanted to lead a horror movie. This has been my dream since I started acting. So smiling is more like a dream come true. As for a period piece, I was once told that I can’t play period and it doesn’t work on my face. I was like, “What the hell is this?” But then came Westerns.

Dive into major spoilers, and Ross is in a lose-lose situation. Either she kills herself or she has to kill someone else to break the curse. So even if the entity wins in the end, you’re at least relieved that she didn’t resort to murder?

Yes, absolutely. Gosh, it’s really hard to think about going there. Going forward, if she kills people, I don’t think she will have a happy life. So I’m glad she didn’t resort to murder.

When her sister (Gillian Sinther’s Holly) mentions at dinner that they’re going to tear down their old house, I stuck with that line when it looked like Rose actually burned down her childhood home, and I think it makes perfect sense that the key to defeating this curse is for Rose to finally deal with this trauma monument. But then the rug was pulled from under us. So are you stunned that you’re not “the last girl” in the end?

I’m so pissed! So sad for her. She walked into the house knowing that if she could, she would either be eaten by monsters or burn the house down. But at least she won’t continue [cursing], that’s the idea. So that’s what she’s worth, and I’m more sorry for her that she doesn’t get those things. But I think if this movie had a happy ending, I’d be even more frustrated.

Yes, she inadvertently passed the curse to Kyle’s character (Joel), but she did everything in her power to connect herself with him Isolated from her loved ones. Until the end, she was thinking of other people.

Absolutely. It’s out of her control, but it’s what she wants to do.

I understand her sister Holly’s purpose in the story, but when Rose falls off the glass coffee table in an instant at Mustache, Holly is in no rush to help her Are there any defenses? As far as we know, Rose bled to death.

Yes, I can defend everyone. I can defend the treatment of her fiancé [Jessie T. Usher]. I can defend her sister. Another thing to remember is that her sister went through the same trauma as Rose. Everything was different, but she was there. So everyone has a role in their family and they all have their own negative attributes. So I don’t think there should be a judgment on anyone’s reaction to Rose. Her behavior was bizarre and terrifying. I don’t have any judgment on anyone, really.

As a child, Rose basically let her ailing mother die. She could have called for help, but she didn’t. So it was such a fascinating response to trauma that she dedicated her entire adult life to complete strangers.

yes i think little rose was brave enough to protect herself as a child, unfortunately she didn’t really handle and understand what she did is to survive. It wasn’t her fault that her mother died. Children don’t have the same tools, and when we grow up, we try to apply the tools we have as adults to our childhood selves. It’s pointless. So I hope she didn’t get so angry with herself, but she became a therapist mostly out of guilt. As someone who’s been through it, she just has a certain understanding that her fiancé Trevor doesn’t. That’s not to say he doesn’t have his own trauma, but many times therapists and psychiatrists have gone through things themselves that have given them a deeper level of acceptance.

Sosie Bacon in Smile Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Decades later, when you recall Smile Experience, which day might you think of first?

Gosh, there are so many, but one of the craziest nights was when we drove to the land where her childhood house was built superior. That was the night we were going to light it. So we literally set fire to that house, where all these water trucks are. It was somewhere in New Jersey where all these union water truck guys were, and the fire department. So we set the house on fire and it was scary and crazy.

450 Smile is playing theater in a movie. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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