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'Smokewear' Brand Sundae School Aims Higher With April 20 Fashion Show

Spring has ushered in a palpable scent on the streets of New York City. No, I’m not talking trash (that’s more of a summer thing anyway). I’m talking about a plant most of us know by its

scientific name: Cannabis. Recreational use of “Devil’s Lettuce” was officially legalized in New York State in March 2022, and the state’s first regulated public sale took place in December 2021th, 2022 4: pm “Legalization of marijuana – like a dream,” Dae says of “smoking pack” brand and Lim, founder and creative director of “craft cannabis” brand Sundae School, before the brand’s fashion show at House of Cannabis in SoHo yesterday. On 4/ of course. “That weird dampness that always drifts across Washington Square Park is everywhere.” 20222022

Since the pandemic, Lim and his team have rebranded the community-centric brand, shifting its focus from wholesale to a DTC-only approach. “Sundae School is really embracing the dichotomy,” Lim said, explaining that the label embraces both his strict Korean Christian upbringing and his sober cannabis-fueled views. “Weed and Korean? Two very opposite things, but they came together into one brand, and together we explored those identities, including religion,” he said. “Why does God have to be portrayed as this white guy with a beard? Can’t God be Korean and smoke marijuana?”

Lim is reluctant to attend another fashion show, but he did share his expectations for the next chapter. “We are about to enter the third edition of Sundae School, which is the meeting point of three global cities: Seoul, New York and Los Angeles, because we have thriving communities in all of these cities.” Future exhibits, themed pop-ups and more Project is in progress.

Most importantly, though, Lim has no agenda other than “contextualizing the marijuana experience for different populations.” ’ He put it bluntly: ‘All of these disruptions are things we’re eager to explore. Not for the sake of controversy, but to elevate the marijuana experience – not only physically, but in higher educational forms as well. See other perspectives – maybe that’s what last night’s smorgasbord of city personalities and fashion estheticians was all about. It really helped us end the week on a high note.




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