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'SNL' Cold Open handles end of Jan. 6 committee hearing

Saturday Night Live October Cold Opening in Not much time was wasted on speaking at the Jan. 6 committee hearing, with the cast playing Bennie Thompson, Liz Cheney, Adam Schiff, Jamie Raskin, Adam Kinzinger, and more.

Opening short features excerpts from conversations between Donald Trump and several people (and a dog), as well as Chloe Feynman’s Nancy Pello A special appearance by West and Sarah Sherman’s Chuck Schumer.

“As you can see, we are committed to declaring at our ninth and final hearing that January 6th is the most dramatic and important moment in our nation’s history One,” Kenan Thompson’s chairman, Benny Thompson.

He continued, “We have been investigating this horrific attack for over a year, but today’s meeting will be different. We will summarize our findings, Hold a vote that makes history, and then, and only then, can we get a little bit of a treat.”

Heidi Gardner’s Cheney continued, while Trang Pu is responsible for the uprising, but she will be the one to bear the consequences.

“You might wonder what makes me so strong,” she said. “I ask you, ‘Is that your dad? Is it Dick Cheney? You might be thinking, ‘How dare you go to the whole party alone?’ “I’d say, ‘When you were little, who put you to sleep at night? Was it Dick Cheney?'” She ended her segment, joking that she had “the energy of a big Dick Cheney.”


The cold side continued to joke that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were those Someone who “actually runs the country”. The committee agreed to subpoena Trump and have him testify.

“That’s right,” Dismukes’ Kinzinger said. “He’s going to get on a plane out of his beloved Florida, then to his hated Washington, and he’ll answer my questions. Things like ‘Hey, sir, who do you think you are? ” and the like

He continued, “Trump is 100 percent coming, this time He will be held accountable. certainly. He escaped a lot in in s, 90s, Early s, 90 and earlier 2020. Now this is all over because I am Mr. Kinsinger and he will respect my authority.

Before the skit ended, Thompson thanked his colleagues for giving up their summers, and in some cases, careers on committees, and cut to the Pelosi told the president’s video of “poo” appearing on the walls of the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“We tried it,” Thompson concluded. “It was an interesting country. “

In her opening monologue, host and musical guest Megan Thee Stallion addresses people Calling her by all the different names: Tina Snow, Spice Coach, H-Town Hottie, and “that bitch” for her “many, many haters.” She also mentions that she is An excellent actress and has been practicing her British accent in case Bridgerton wants to cast her.



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