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'SNL' Cold Open takes aim at Kanye West, Herschel Walker and 'Super Mario Bros' movie

Brendan Gleeson hosts the second episode of the season with Willow as a musical guest.

Devin Walker, Kenan Thompson, Chloe Feynman, Heidi Gardner NBC

Saturday Night Live Talking about this week’s No time wasted before some big news – Kanye “Ye” West, Herschel Walker and Super Mario Bros )Movie.

Cold Open has a game show called So You Think You Won’t Snap, the host Yang Bowen recited the news to the four alone SNL Cast and see how long it takes them to “catch” from the news.

Heidi Gardner went first, snapping this after watching a video of President Joe Biden talking about his mental acuity photo. Next up was Chloe Fineman, who was prompted to ask questions about Walker and mention his statement in support of a blanket ban on abortion. Soon after, a woman stepped forward and said Walker urged her to have two abortions.

“Well, I bet that’s coming back to bite his ass,” Fineman told Young, to which he replied, “It actually led to his best fundraiser ever. Day.”

Yang said to Finman, who played his mother in the cold 20% of the kids want to be an influencer, and that’s starting to trigger her a little bit. When Yang showed her a passage from Super Mario Bros. . The trailer and telling her that Chris Pratt is voicing a video game character, she snapped.

“He should be Italian!” Faneman said.

Devon Walker, Kenan Thompson, Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner

Devon Walker Walker), new featured player on

SNL This season, the Cold War Open show sketches are closed. Yang reminded Walker Ks Falling news Percent and Mars The company announced that the Orange M&Ms now have anxiety before mentioning West.

“This week Kanye West called Lizzo’s fans ‘demons,'” Young told Walker. “Okay. Bring Kanye, okay,” Walker responded. Walker was visibly more frustrated when Young pointed out that West had decided to open a private school and that he had never read a book in his life, asking if Young could change the subject.

“Let’s switch to Tucker Carlson,” Young said. “Tucker Carlson sat down with Kanye West last night,” he said, and Walker pleaded, “Hey man, have a heart, come on?!”

Young Answered: “You’re right. You’re right. Let’s go into fashion with Kanye’s photo,” he said, showing West and Candice Owens in White Lives Matter shirts . Walker snapped.

Brendan Gleeson’s opening monologue surprises him In Bruges and 1235236374 Banshee of Inisherin co-star Colin Farrell who also guest-starred in other skits throughout the night . In the monologue, Gleason talks about how people recognize him from his long career, but don’t know where they’ve seen him.

Devon Walker, Kenan Thompson, Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner

After the opening monologue, Yang, Mikey Day and Andrew Dismukes transformed into Try Guys to make fun of the cheating scandal they recently faced.

Ego Nwodim asks Try Guys, visibly confused, “Your friend has a chick and you fired him?”

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