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'SNL' Cold Public Addresses Football's Dangers, George Santos

Saturday Night Live tackles some of the big news from last session right after a brief hiatus Around the month: Football and George Santos.

Actors Kenan Thompson, Molly Kearney, Mikey Day, Devon Walker and James Austin Johnson on Fox Sports’ NFL on Fox stage, with the help of their robot Cleatus, they talk about the dangers of football.

“Why do humans let other people play football?” Cleatus opens up in cold scene of Jan. 18 episode asked during the period. “Doesn’t that look barbaric?”

“Oh, don’t like that,” Day’s Howie Long added. “I think we’ll have to go back and make the robots dance.” Cleatus replied, “Wait until the uprising, and I’ll let you dance, you weasel.”

Walker’s Michael Strahan then joked Said he didn’t quite catch it because it was one tooth going in and out of the other.

“We all know football is a dangerous game,” he said, “but in this country we are built on Jewish football values. The only way to be safe is to hit harder.”

Then the group kicked it to their new sideline reporter, George Santos, a Heisman Trophy winner, Has more championships than Tom Brady.

“I’m kind of like the real Bo Jackson, and I’m proud to be the first African-American quarterback to dunk,” said Bowen Yang’s Santos. When asked where he played college ball, he replied, “College University.”

He went on to list all the statistics for the football game he was covering, And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at . Later in the segment, Santos’ drag queen alter ego, Kitara Ravache, appears, poking fun at the congressman for denying him to perform in Brazil.

Aubrey Plaza hosts, with musical guest Sam Smith. President Joe Biden and Amy Poehler make special appearances throughout the show.



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